Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Done and Almost Done!

Getting ready for our trip south to visit daughter Jessica, Floyd and new baby Renee! I just finished the diaper bag that goes with the baby quilted blanket I finished earlier and took with me there in July. Pictures of baby blanket are on an earlier blog written on July 12th. Now the bag is done, and Jessica can use it to tote whatever works for them. There are 3 inside pockets, and 2 bottle holders on the inside and a nice big space for diapers, clothing, etc. There is one pocket on the outside. The pattern didn't call for a zippered top, which I wish I would have put in, plus I should have put more thought into the handles, and done them differently than the pattern called for. I really like handles that are sewn either around the bag or down the sides further for better support. But I'll think further ahead and make changes on the next one I do. This is the first quilted bag I've done.

Also have another easy project started and want to have it done before Friday when we go. It is for fall decorating. Can be a table top - wall hanging - or could be little coverup blanket for Renee!!! Our little pumpkin! I CAN'T wait to hold her!

I have the face machine sewn and now need to start machine quilting. Have shiny thread in the orange color to machine meander, and then black for the black areas. By machine quilting, it should go fast. Do you think I can get it done tomorrow between doing morning chores and evening chores???? Oh, and then the binding. I always hand sew the one side, but that can be done in the car. Not like I won't have enough car time! (It takes about 26 hours to get there.)

We plan on leaving on Friday after morning chores, etc. (probably after lunch); drive to Stephani's (Pipestone, MN) which is a 5 hour drive. Pick her up, and continue. With 3 drivers we are planning to drive straight through. I don't mind driving at night; in fact kind of enjoy it. Steve and Steph can sleep when I drive, and then I can listen to whatever I want to on the radio!!!!! I'm the only one that likes "talk radio".

I'll post a picture of completed quilted pumpkin when I'm done. Wish me luck!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Mom - they've turned out wonderful! Great idea for the pumpkin table top - Renee would be very cute wrapped up in it! Then for the table later!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh that bag is just fantastic!! I can't wait to see your quilted pumpkin!! You have a great talent!

Far Side of Fifty said...

The bag turned out really cute! You did good! :)

Jewel said...

yes, you did good. 26 hours driving? wow, ...but to see your granddaughter, way worth it.