Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Basics!

Horsepower it is! Cars zoom by and the only noise heard inside the car is that whop- whop of the rubber tires going over the cracks in the road; then there are others busy working outside or traveling down the road sitting in a buggy being pulled by horses, hearing the synchronized clip-clop of horses hoofs on the road or sitting on old equipment that is being pulled by a team of horses and hearing the steady clanking of the old equipment as pullies make the gears click-clack in rhythm -- until something breaks down!

We passed by a father and 2 sons working with three teams of horses; two 2 horse teams that pulled the hay rakes and another 2 horse team, pulled a hay wagon, with a hay lifter behind that. It was that piece of equipment that they were working on. After passing, we decided to turn around to stop and visit with them, to see if help was needed, and asked if we could watch them work with the teams of horses and get the straw loaded onto the wagon. The next step they would then do would be to put the straw into the threshing machine that was on the other side of the field. The straw rows were so big and heavy (thick) that they would have to go around the field several times to get the straw loaded on wagon, unloaded, and redo before they would start the threshing machine.

Our daughter has that same piece of equipment parked at the end of her driveway with flowers planted in part of it. A long ago discarded piece of equipment; replaced with a new hay bind, and horsepower of a different color - green!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Very cool - great blog! And it looks just like the one at the end of my driveway! I'm so glad you stopped!

g said...

Interesting pics and story. Cute header pics.(We think we work so hard....hmmm)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Awesome!!! You know that's coming back with huge results on some of the bigger ranches in our Country!! I love it!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very Interesting! So nice that you stopped..:)