Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Odda's New Fencing!

The new heavier fencing is going up! We are extending Odda's kennel fencing to include some grassy area. This fencing is about 5' high, and will keep her in and others out. Odda isn't an aggressive dog, but I worry about other strays trying to get in to her. We don't have stray dogs come by very often, but it's something I don't want to have to worry about. I took Odda to her last night of obedience training, and when we got home, Steve had the posts all in, and started attaching the fencing. I had to buy some staples so he could get it enclosed for the night. He will finish it tomorrow.


After the fencing gets done, there will be a new removable front added for winter. Odda is so happy during these cool days, that I just can't wait to see her play in the snow!!!!!!!!!!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

That should keep her in! And yes, it will be fun to see her romp around in the snow!

g said...

Way to go Odda...more yard area for big dog. Got Steve wrapped around your little paw yet? Did from day one, didnt ya?

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks like a very safe place for her to be when you arn't home and at night! :)

pyro6999 said...

steve looks so good in a tool belt