Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leaning Frosty!

Our Christmas snowman Frosty is leaning - badly. If he was into exercising, it looks like he is ready to do a back bend!  The weight of the snow is settling with him bending backwards.  Poor fella - lost one arm to Odda!  Then Friday with warm weather and temperatures in the low 30's, his smiley mouth fell off - or  maybe Odda is guilty of removing that too, as there are dog scratches or marks of Odda trying to get to his potato buttons, and maybe Odda actually reached his mouth!   

Our "Frosty" as he looked the first day!

Frosty update on Jan 15, 2010

I'm afraid that he will fall over before he actually melts much!  You can see here, that one arm is missing and his smiley mouth fell off.   The horse head has been chewed on by one big puppy!  Odda has loved having these playmates - we have seen Odda laying close to the horse, and  playing with the lead rope, which I have now removed so the rope and halter don't get chewed up.  Odda will miss Frosty and snow horse after they're gone!  

You know, Frosty's head and body still are pretty big in size, and when they fall, I hope no one will be in the way, as that snow is really heavy!

More pictures of the frost on the trees yesterday.

The frost hung on the branches all morning.  Then the sun finished it off.  Maybe it'll be back  on Saturday!


g said...

Frosty and Horsey had a great life at your house. The day they were born was so much fun!
What will Odda do when they are actually gone? Probably be laying there waiting for next year when they hopefully will return.
Cute! (Odda, look out IF SNOWMAN'S head starts to FALL)

Rae said...

Poor Frosty. He was a jolly old sole until Odda had her way with him, but it would be impossible to be mad at that big puppy. She is adorable.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Wow - the leaning Frosty! Maybe he just had too much to drink! This has been fun for Odda - I'm sure they have conversations!