Sunday, January 10, 2010

Start of a MN Family Christmas Cloth Book!

Yesterday I got the pictures transferred onto the fabric by using The Electric Quilt Company Printables.  I scanned the pictures with our inkjet printer onto fabric sheets.   The directions  have you peel off the plastic backing after allowing the print to dry for 15 minutes.  Then I soaked the fabric printed 8.5 x 11 pages in room temperature water for 10 minutes, (used my cake pans with water)and then rinsed and laid flat to dry.  I had the printed fabric sheets dry on folded towels on the table.  This morning I ironed the fabric I found in my fabric bin  that I'll be using to make quilted framing around the pictures and ironed the picture fabric.  I was really pleased at the color quality that transferred to the fabric. 

I cut the picture fabric with 1/4 inch edge around each picture.  Some of the pictures I put at an angle with two pictures in the space.  So I'll have to make the quilted edging different sizes.

 Got the use of more pictures by putting two together. 

This will be the front (group) and the back of the book (the dogs).  The pink will be the spine of the cloth book.  I think I'll add another color to frame both pictures together.  Now to pick the pictures that will be the 1st page inside and last inside page.  Then I'll make the quilted frame around those pictures to match the set here.  The rest of the pages will be just a little smaller than the cover.  

I don't have a pattern, but it makes sense to me that the cover should be just a little larger than the inside pages.  I think I'll make  two stitched lines about 1/2 " wide on the first couple of pages down the spine, and for the middle pages, just a single stitched line.  But I'll see how that will fit together as I get further along.    More pictures will come.

Little hands to play with a cloth book; to turn puffy pages; to learn the names of her aunties and uncles and cousins;her GPa and GMa; and dogs!  I'll be finishing this to take to baby Renee in Louisiana when I go in February.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It is getting a good start - very cute idea! -- No pattern - only you mom!

Rae said...

What a fantastic and unique idea. It is so creative. Renee will really enjoy this. Babies love to look at faces and it will be extra special for her to the faces of her family. I think it is a wonderful gift.

g said...

How fun for bR to have a book like this made with love from her up north grannie!
What a lucky little southern belle she is.
Nice work!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fantastic book..I am sure it will be her favorite! :)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That is great!!! You definitely are creative!!! I think Baby Renee will love it!!

Merry Mary said...

Wonderful idea. This book will be a treasure.