Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clean Dog Is A Good Thing!

A clean dog is a Nice Thing! 
It was so nice to take Odda to the groomer and have them give her a bath, good brushing, trim hair on feet and do her nails.  They said she was a good girl, but she did put her "brakes" on when they were putting her in the bath tub!  I took her at 8 in the morning and picked her up at 4 pm.  Now the white is brilliant white and she is so nice and shinny.  She really needed her day at the spa!  She looks 10 lbs lighter now without all her winter coat!  We'll have to do this again, so she isn't so afraid of the bathing. 

We had our dog schooling in the evening - and she did great.  She was tired from her day out, and behaved perfectly.  Wish last night would have been the testing for Canine Good Citizen - she did great in everyting.    One thing that will cause her to not pass in testing for CGC is when a stranger comes up to talk to me.  She always wants to greet them too!  That is not wanted in the testing.  So we'll keep on practicing and we'll see how testing goes.  Our CGC testing will be done on a Saturday toward the end of June.  I even had my camera there, but forgot to carry it.  Will carry it around my neck next Tuesday, so I'll remember to use it. 

On this past weekend, I took both dogs to town to walk on the "Heartland Trail": a biking, walking trail that used to be a RR track, now changed to a recreationa trail that goes many miles through many towns.  I met up with three others from dog training, as an extra outing for our dogs.  Before leaving the house my husband thought I should take Hooch with too, as he gets left home so much.  So off I went with both dogs.
Well, I thought all was going well, we all got dogs unloaded, leashed and down to the trail and not far into our walk, my two dogs, still hadn't settled down into the pattern of two dogs on left side, walking at heel position, and I tripped over the small one "Hooch" and what a bummer.  Skinned up both knees, with the right one the worst, scratched up my face a little, with bad scratches on the right lenses of my glasses.  I had to just sit on the ground for awhile to get my bearings!  Two young ladies stopped to help and gathered up my dogs leashes.  One was an athletic trainer and told me to get ice on it right, etc. etc.   But I needed to see if I could walk!  Well, after getting up and re adjusting my glasses, we did walk.  I walked for an hour on this bum knee. I did quit before the others, and after I got in the car and started out of the park I knew that I needed to stop at the grocery store to get some frozen veggies to put on this bad knee.  It swelled up like a volleyball!  Couldn't bend it!  Well, it doesn't look much better now.  I'm black (purple) and blue from mid tigh to almost my ankle - it looks really nasty.  The swelling is going down some, but I'm still gympy, and not walking real good.  I can bend it, but CAN'T kneel.  Now also, my left foot big joint by big toe really hurts and is black and blue, and I have a tender spot on the left knee.  I didn't go to the doctor, but figured if I'd broken something, I wouldn't be able to walk at all.  I'm still putting cold on it occassionally, and taking Ibuprophen.   Don't think there's much else the doctor would do.  So I'll just take my time and wait for it to heal up.   I stopped at the eye doctor to order a new lens (less than a month since I got my new glasses)!  Hope I'm not going to be hobbling along all summer!  Way to go Jo! 


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. You really took a tumble and it sounds like it will take a while to get over this. That's terrible about your eyeglasses too.
I fell over one of our cats about a year ago and landed face down and it just about killed me. I really do sympathize with you.
Odda looks so pretty and shiny and white. Take good care.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Wowza Odda you sure looked great at dog training.... and you were so good must have know your master was feeling a bit bum! Take care mom and get to feeling better.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Odda is SO beautiful!!!

Oh that just made my heart so sad!! I'm so sorry you had a fall and are having so much pain! And the glasses....AY-YI-YI...I know how annoying that can be! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Country Whispers said...

Oh how awful!
Sure hope all the bruising and swelling leaves quickly and you can get back on the trail again.

Feelin' the wind! said...

Mom, Odda is so pretty! Hope you are feeling better soon and can't wait to see you in 27 days!

Cyndi said...

Odda looks beautiful. It's amazing what a little bathing can do for our pooches, isn't it?

OMGosh, Jo, I am so sorry for your accident. My goodness, you must have really taken a bad fall to be that bruised and bummed up! I hope you feel better and heal up really soon! And poor Hooch, he probably feels awful for causing his "mom" to take a fall!



Far Side of Fifty said...

I still think you should take a photo of your poor leg, it looked terrible. You are so lucky you didn't break anything.
Odda does look just it is raining..:(

Betty said...

Sorry about your fall! That sounds so painful. I hope the swelling will go down quickly.
Your dog looks so handsome!

Sharon said...

Odda sure does look great.I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I am glad to hear that you did not break anything.
Take care

Sybil said...

Sorry for late entry but I LOST you !! seems when I popped you in my Favs you didn;t go !!
sorry about your fall and hope that by now you are feeling less stiff..what a gorgeous dog Odda is. He would make a meal out of my wee Dee !!
Love Sybil