Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Yard

Happy Odda!  In the shade!  When I'm out in the yard, she's my tail - has to be next to me, until our Jack Russel, Hooch wants to play.  Then they run and chase each other, play bity face, and tug of war with one of the toys.  Then she comes back to cool off and lay still for awhile. 
Took her in to the groomers for her first groomer bath.  I hope she's being a good girl.  We're having scattered showers today, so I think I'll let her in the house today, so she stays clean for awhile.
My one poppy plant.  Looks like I will have six flowers before it's done.  That's great.  This is the best it has ever looked.  Love the tissue paper thin flower pedals.  So pretty.  I would love to get more plants going.  Maybe it will reseed this year.

My iris plants are blooming later than everyone elses.  Finally got some weeding done!!!!

Love the rich purple colors.  They are so vibrant!

We've been trimming up the limbs on the big pine trees.  I planted two the year we got married (1970) and they must be 40' - 50' tall now.  Sure do like them.  In later years have planted 4 others and they are not as big.  In fact, one, is growing crooked now because a strong wind during a storm uprooted it and we didn't
 get it pulled back.   Now I need to rake up all the pine needles and clean up the old pile of wood that is
for the burn pit.

I was glad to have Steve come help me remove branches, and help to cut them!  This took all afternoon!
Glad it is done,  now just the final clean up!


Far Side of Fifty said...

It is looking good, I saw that big orange poppy in your yard last night..it looks beautiful even from the road!! Take some photos of Odda while she is real clean!! :)

Sybil said...

Hi just popped by to say congradulations on your win. I have just been checking up on our friend Buttercup and noticed you had won. I have enjoyed reading your blog and will come back again as I have added it to my list.
From Sybil

Feelin' the wind! said...

Mom, the yard looks great! Can't wait to see it in July!

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so pretty - I just love the photo of your brilliant poppy and those irises are so lovely. I know Odda will be happy to get back home. Have a great evening.