Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nilson Hog Trough!

Hubby made new hog troughs this summer and I wanted one too!  He made them out of big PVC and here is my project!  Mine is for keeping salads cold on our many summer get togethers!  Fill the inside with ice and set in the salads.  We already used this one for the family wedding a week ago, and I just painted it today.  Several people want Steve to make them one. 
The pvc comes in a blue, but is faded and scratched, so I painted a base coat of cream on.  Didn't care if a little blue showed thru, as I'm sure with use and getting carried and moved around, it will get scratched up a little.  I then free hand painted on watermelon slices and stained the wood ends and feet.  I'll spray on acrylic satin finish tomorrow on the dried painted area for protection.

Here's the inside.  It is 14 inches across, and 45 inches long.  Handles on each end.  Filled up with ice and set in the bowls, and you're ready to party!   We had 4 big salads, and a couple of little ones in there at the wedding.  Sure worked good.  The end is caulked with silicone caulking so it doesn't leak.  Our first outing, one end leaked a little, but we recaulked it before I started painting.  This was a  good day's project for me.

Here is our garage - now ready for the siding.  The steel is on order, so hopefully will get it on by the weekend.  We've had so much rain, that our cement work isn't all done yet, but that's okey.  It will get done soon.  We plan on having a BIG party when the kids are all home the week after the 4th.  We'll be able to use the garage even tho it won't be finish completely.

My knee is feeling better.  Still can't kneel down, but I'm getting some range of motion back and can walk better.  Swelling is better, but does bother in evening if I've done too much!  Slowly healing, and I'm happy about that.  Keep smiling everyone! 


Rae said...

What a terrific idea. It looks fantastic. You always have the most clever and unique ideas. The garage is really coming along. The blue sky in the photo is amazing.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ha! We saw that the other night on the deck when you weren't home..we thought perhaps you were going to plant flowers in it! Fantastic idea. Glad you are feeling better:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It worked great and quite a few folks did want the salad pig trough but wait til they see it painted.... They will want one for sure!

Country Whispers said...

What an awesome idea for a cold bar. I never would have thought of something like that.
Glad to hear your knee is getting better and that the garage is coming along.