Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beachhouse Fireworks!

We always sit in front of the old beach house to watch the fire works across the water.  Here are a couple of my pictures.  The same fire works that Far Side went to, only we were about 3 blocks south of where they were.  Always a good show and our family gathers there every year after the parade and orders in pizza; sit and relax; listen to the Community Band play for 45 minutes, and watch the fireworks. 
I like the reflection in the water.  See the boats there, and peoples heads in front of us.

The fireworks light up the whole sky!
Love the fireworks, and now we'll wait until next year to do it again.
We're getting ready now for our big family gathering this coming weekend.  All of our girls will be home!! Yipee!!!  Big gathering on Friday evening, and a smaller one on Sat evening.  This will be a busy week and weekend!  Can't wait to see baby Renee!!!


Mildred said...

Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a great time - I love pizza! I know you are excited about the gathering this weekend. Have fun and take lots of photos to share!

Cyndi said...

Wonderful pictures, Jo! Glad you all had a fun time... and have a great time this weekend with your girls and family!



Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos of the fireworks!! You did great!! I know you will have a busy week..it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow..I am going to make my homemade from scratch and everything baked beans..I know you don't like beans ..but perhaps someone else will..looking forward to Friday Night..no cooking and can't wait to see that baby!!! :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Wonderful pictures ---

Far Guy said...

The third photo is my favorite.

Sharon said...

Those are beautiful photos.
It sounds like you had a great time too.
We just stayed home and watched the neighbors.
I have to get ready for our big family reunion on the 17 & 18th. I can't wait to have family that you don't see but once a yr.

Country Whispers said...

Happy Anniversary!
A little late is better than never.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend spent with all of the family.