Friday, July 23, 2010

Neglected flower garden!

Here's pics of my flowers this year.  I have totally neglected my flower beds, but they still have bloomed some nice flowers.  Don't mind the weeds you see.  I 've only watered flowers once this year with a soaker hose;  but we have had some decent timely rains this year.  Since that one time I've been too lazy to pull the hose from the barn to the house and hook to this soaker hose.  The past years I probably wouldn't have had any flowers if I hadn't watered.  When in my garden areas, you can really tell they're not taken care of as nice as in the past.    
I'd thought when I was retired I'd find more than enough time to do everything I wanted.  Not so!  Seems like we're always busy.  Guess I'm not as stressed out as I used to be, as spending time pulling weeds, and holding a hose to water plants was soothing for me!  Think next year I'll make some changes to my gardens.  Actually, I've found that most of the plants take care of themselves, as long as there has been enough rain.  They just don't know how to get rid of the weeds and grass that grows with them!
Love these!!!!!

Most years you can't see the little fence because these were so high.  Maybe that's what the watering with the hose nightly did for them, just made them taller and woodier, as these flowers seem to be doing fine.  Earlier I'd thought the flowers themselves looked like they weren't going to be very big, but they seem fine now.
Lots of berries on the flowering ornamental crab trees.

An old rickety high chair I painted in bright colors.  Sometimes I put a potted plant on the seat!  It adds
more color out there!

 Have a great weekend! 


Buttercup said...

They may not have gotten the same amount of attention as in the past, but your flowers still are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful Lily..I love that yellow color..I think they look pretty good for as busy as you have been...besides that if you want to see weedy come over here! :)

Farmchick said...

Lovely.... :) Have a great weekend..and hope you can stop by for a visit soon.

Betty said...

I wonder what your garden looks like when you DO have time. It´s lovely! And I can´t tell that you didn´t do much.

Rae said...

They look so pretty. And, I love that chair. You did an outstanding job painting it. It looks perfect there. You have inspired me to paint the old antique chair I have in my garden now. Maybe some bright paints like yours will perk mine up.

Sybil said...

What lovely colour your flowers have despite very little rain. I especially liked the hydrange. My flowers looked small this year as well but have actually bloomed just as usual...
HAve a lovely weekend.
love Sybil