Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting the animals!

Sophie, hiding under the old stock trailer.

Daddy holding Renee while Grandpa holds Sophie the soon to be momma barn cat.  For a barn kitty, she is pretty tame.  Wonder where she'll have her babies when that happens!  So many places for her to hide them.  Renee liked kitty.
Kayla and Ashley went for a ride on Jack with Jessica.  Jessica got Jack 18 years ago as a yearing; so Jack is now 19 and is now our other granddaughter's Amanda's horse.  Jessica rode him home here for the week.  Jack loved being in the pasture by himself!!!!!

Renee got a ride too!   She wasn't afraid of anything.

When they got up to the sow pens to look at the pigs, they sows thought that it was time to eat, and they were grunting and making lots of noise.  Real piggy noise!   We won't have any new babies until later this summer and fall. 

She likes playing in the dirt!  Or should I say gravel!

Cute dirty hand.  She had sand in her hair and all over by the time she was tired of playing there.
Hi Odda!
We forgot to get pictures of the cows, unless someone else did on their camera.  A week almost past and things are getting back to quiet normal.  Sure wish they lived closer so we could see them more often.
Now planning a trip to go see them late this fall.  We'll drive instead of fly.  A long drive, but I enjoy the scenery.    I need to go to town and replenish the frig today.  Out of milk!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time! I love the photo of Renee and Odda on the other side of the door ~ that is so cute. Hope you have a nice week ahead.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Jack looks good for his age because in April he actually turned 23 yrs young! I imagine if somebody asked him he said, "19 AND HOLDING!"
Haa haa!

Sybil said...

Thank you for sharing that lovely week you all had. what a beauty that wee Renee is...those eyes will break a few hearts I think !! Now that you are "back to normal" whaever normal is I will be looking forward to reading your exploits more often !!
Love Sybil x

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lovely photos..all kinds of memories..I was thinking that it was more than twenty years ago that Jack was tied up to one of our trees! Steph told me he was 28 when I took some photos of that big beautiful boy the night of the picnic..then she got a phone call and we never finished the conversation. So double check with her..
Where is Hooch..was he a grumpy gus?? I love the photo of Odda out the window.
What wonderful memories of Renee's second visit to the farm:)