Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Blue Eyes!

Here she is with the hat I made her.  Purple for LSU!!!!  Her eyes are so blue, they're almost purple!
Mommy calls her Blue Eyes.

Have a great late fall day!  Now is November and thinking of spending Thanksgiving with this little one in Louisiana!  A busy couple of weeks before we go.  Leah and I are participating in a craft show the day before we leave, so lots to do!!!!!!!!! 

Jessica's VB girls are rated #1 in division 4 in Louisiana, and have a bye on their first tournement game.  They play Monday night the 8th, and then head to New Orleans for the State Tournement and play on the 11th!!!!     WooHoo New Iberia Catholic High Volleyball Girls!!!!!! 


Sharon said...

She is such a cutie in that hat. I love purple too.
Congrats to the volleyball girls.
Have a great day

misslynda said...

The hat is beautiful on her - - - makes her look like a girlie girl as they say around here. She is gorgeous! - - - definitely one of God's best creations!!!

"B" said...

Hi JoLynn,

If you plan to be down here in Louisiana by the 19th and 20th you could come by the Broadmoor High School Arts and Crafts show in Baton Rouge. Then we could meet in person. That would be neat.

Thanks for your order. I know you would rather have that precious Renee up north with you, but at least with the cypress knee Santa and snowman you'll have a piece of Louisiana.


Such a sweety! Blue eyes rule here as well lol I have navy blue and our boys have a blue / green color ! Love your header photo! Have a great day !

Cyndi said...

Aw, Renee looks so cute in her hat - and Geaux Tigers, for sure! I'm a Louisianan, too - from Baton Rouge. And that's not too terribly far from New Iberia!

Best of luck to Jessica's team, and enjoy your trip down South. I'm hoping to get there for Christmas this year!

Oh, and best of luck at your Craft Show...I'm doing one this weekend!



Far Side of Fifty said...

She looks so cute in her new hat! :)

Sybil said...

Thank you for putting up so many lovely photo's/ they are all so very eys is such a wee darling.
sorry i have not been around much lately but have been feeling a bit doubt it will soon pass..
love sybil x

gayle said...

She is so cute with her beautiful blue eyes!! Love the hat!

Nezzy said...

In the beautiful hat you made her or as Pebbles she is just a precious little doll girl! Oh, those eyes just sparkle with personality!!!

God bless and have one awesome weekend girl!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty in the hat you made for her! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday.