Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Renee Pebbles!

Cute as Pebbles Flintsone!  See the bone in her hair?   Pants a little long, but bet she'll wear this again.
Learning to make a "piggy face" for Grandpa Steve!

Daddy brought home a new kitten for Renee on Halloween morning!  Her name is Boo!

 Jessica says Boo isn't afraid of Renee.  She sure is a cute kitten. 
I've been busy outside the last couple of days.  Didn't get pictures taken, but will in the morning to show you what I've been doing.  My back is sore from all the shoveling!  I'm now in my way to bell practice.  Have a great evening everyone!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

What a cutie --- ohhh can't wait until Christmas to see her and her Mom and Dad! --- Boo sure is cute!

Cyndi said...

Boo is a perfectly adorable kitten for a perfectly adorable little girl! Her little costume is sooo cute!



Country Whispers said...

She makes an adorable little Pebbles!
I bet Boo made for a great Halloween Treat!
Way better than any candy that you could get.

misslynda said...

Too cute - - they both are! Love the bone - - did you make it or cut it out of something?

Far Side of Fifty said...

her costume is really cute! She is changing every week now..she must be growing! A kitten named Boo..how cute is that!:)