Monday, March 14, 2011

Aiden was here!

Our weekend company just left.  Steve's brother Germ, wife and one of their grandson's Aiden were here.  We had a great time visiting with them and playing games.  Aiden loved the dogs.  They have dogs in their home, so he wasn't afraid of big dogs pushing him over!  Got pictures of him with Odda and Leah's new pup Kodi, but missed Hooch. 

Odda trying to sit on Aidens LAP! 
Don't look at the boxes and mess - lol!   Saving up for rummage sales!!!!  Can't wait until I can get rid of stuff! 

Leah came over for lunch with Kodi.  She is now 18 weeks old, and 36 pounds. 

Aiden is 10 years old, and had not been up here to "the farm" for over a year - now said he'll be back again!  I could have kept him.  A great kid.  He and I played checkers yesterday.  Our 3 out of 5 games took awhile.  He studied the board pretty good.  We both made some silly mistakes, but I did win 2 out of 3 times.  So we'll be playing that again, as he wants to beat me!  Then he played 5Straight with us adults, and the card game Golf.  When we were all talking adult stuff, he was then playing with his own computer game.   Since I'm not working anymore, I have become so dumb about all the new computer games, and technology that is being used.  Guess maybe I was dumb all along, as our kids were young before it all really started.  They had to use their imaginations, and played hard outside.  The first Mario games were just coming out when they turned into teenagers.   Being out here on the farm, we were all so busy outside and the girls with their horses and 4-H animals, that we didn't have to worry about them becoming "bored".  In fact, if ever that word was uttered here, they were given a job to do!  So I just don't remember that being a problem.  I know that all their friends loved to come out here, because there was always something to do.
Need to head into town to restock up on groceries.  Have a great day.  It is nice and sunny here.  Trying to warm up, and I think this week we will be loosing some of our snow! 


Rae said...

Aiden was certainly giving a lot of love to those fur babies. He looks like he was enjoying himself. Odda doesn't look too sure of the situation though. He has a lot to look forward to on his next visit.

Anonymous said...

Aiden is a handsome young fellow. You have shared some great photos. Pets bring so much joy to folks, don't they? My neighbor brought over her 2 yr old great granddaughter today and the baby just loved Harriet and was so gentle.

Hope you have a restful night.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Odda had her own person!! Aiden is a doll..I bet he had much more fun than at home! :)

Country Gal said...

Nice looking young man there !
Pups are cuties !
Sounds like all had a great visit.
Have a good day !

ingrid said...

what a lovely puppy.Wish I could have such a cutie!
And Aidan is a lovely boy.Love from the Netherlands and thanks for sharing

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed the photos. Bored was a word rarely heard in my house. If I said I was bored -- only a few times -- my mother gave me a choice of dusting or weeding the yard. I learned not to be bored.