Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Auction season starting again!

 Due to cold, snowy winters, outdoor auctions take a break.  This past weekend hubby Steve and I and Leah and Steven went to a local auction.  The first for this season.  The first Sunday of the month they have a consignment auction, and this was a very good one.  There was one party that is moving out of this area to Arizona for health reasons, and they sold everything from their home.  Lots of collectibles, guy stuff - from tractors, yard equipment, many tools and sporting things.  Household furniture, glassware collections, etc. etc.  Saturday morning Connie, Gene and Steve and I went out for the "senior" breakfast and then stopped at the auction site to see what some of the things were, and decided that we should go Sunday.  Gene was sick on Sunday, so they didn't go, but we got there just as the auction was starting, and didn't go home until 6:30 pm!!!!!  Here's what I got:
A Royal Copley bird planter.  Really cute isn't he?

This McCoy planter with a Scottie and kitty.

The white 3 leg planter is also a McCoy. 

Two tea cups and saucers that I will be making unto pin cushions.

Two wool blankets, one that I gave to Leah.  They are really nice and soft.
Also got a track light fixture (just like the one I have in my sewing room now) that will work if I move my sewing to a basement room.  I'll need more lighting there if I do move downstairs. 
Hubby got a drill press and some tools.  Funny how things happen.  We'd gone to a larger town last week to Menards because he'd planned to buy a new drill press for about $200.00, but they were sold out.  So maybe this $25.00 auction drill press (an older Delta bench drill press) was meant to happen.  Steve says it works wonderful, so guess he can use this until it poops out, saving himself some money!   SIL, Steven got some equipment for his yard tractor and tools too.  I can't seem to remember what else Leah got.  My brain is slow at this time of night!

There were some more things I would have liked, but I just don't buy what I can't use.  No room to keep extra "stuff", and I keep having rummage sales, or donate to get rid of overload.  The glassware and collectibles really went cheap.  There was a couple there that has a second hand store, and they were buying a lot.  I'm sure they'll mark it up good for their store!

We're suppose to get some MORE snow tomorrow!  Do you think we'll ever have spring?!?!?!
Have a great Tuesday.    Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your planters are sweet as can be. I have always admired these but I don't have any. That's great about your husband's drill press also. Sounds like you had a great day beginning with breakfast out. Hope you enjoy your day.

Cyndi said...

Very nice treasures you got, Jo. I love going to auctions, but know what you mean about not buying what you can't use. I love "old" stuff, but have a fairly small home and just don't have room for lots of things I can't use! Glad you hubby also was able to get a drill press for a lot less $$$!!!



Far Side of Fifty said...

I looked very hard at that little bird..he is very handsome! I am sorry we had to miss it. Good deal for Steve with the drill press!! :)

Rae said...

You got some neat stuff. I really like the those tea cups.

Sybil said...

What fun you had at the auction. Wish we had that sort of thing over here. I would have a ball !! Pleased you got soem lovley bits and pieces.. Hope that your snow goes very soon and that spring really arrives...
much love Sybil xx

Glass Coasters said...

Those tea cups are so cute. Perfect for a cup of coffee in a cold season with your partner. Surely the coffee and the love of your partner will make your body warm and comfortable.