Friday, July 1, 2011

More of my flowers that will soon be all done blooming.  They sure are pretty this summer.

The sun is shining through the trees behind the flowers, and a little spot of sunlight shows on the one petal, by the stamins (think that's what they're called).

The peonies are all from my mother-in-laws garden, and she would be happy to see that they are doing so well.  Both Stephani and Leah have some planted, and their flowers are so pretty too.  This is the first year mine have bloomed, and they were transplanted 3 years ago.  Don't know why it took mine longer that the girls before they flowered.  Maybe I had planted them a little too deep.  Understand they don't like to be planted with a lot of dirt over them.
The tiger lilies are from my mothers yard, and she passed away in 1977, so they have been around for a long time and have done well.  It feels good to have transplanted these flowers, and I think of both of my moms every time I'm out checking the flowers, or weeding!  Some day, when the time comes,  my girls can move these to their gardens, along with some of my other plants! 
Here's an update of the swing set I've repainted, and recovered the cushions.  It's now nice and comfy!
And thanks you Connie and Gene for a very nice swing.  The hunt for material to recover the cusions was something else.  Couldn't find anything less than $8.00 a yard and what I wanted and liked was over $12.00 a yard.  JoAnn's didn't have any on sale and their prices were all over $19.99!!!!!  I just couldn't afford any of those prices right now.  So a day or two later, I was on another mission and went into the Ben Franklin in Detroit Lakes and they were having their 3 year anniversay sale, with 1.00 off per yard!  I checked their remanent material area and found this red for $3.99 per yard; so on sale I got my 7 yards for $2.99 per yard!  Wow, what a deal!  It of course isn't water proofed, it's a heavy almost canvas weight, so will be just fine.   I can get some spray and spray the cushions, to waterproof them; if I remember to look for some the next time I go to town!  For now,  I'll  keep the cushions in the garage at night and when it storms.  If I forget and leave them out and they get wet - oh well, they'll dry out!  The spray paint was right at 4 dollars a can, and I used two.  Makes that swing look good as a new one.  I told C that she was going to want it all back now when she sees it.  Hee hee!

Haven't started the awning yet.  Don't think I'll get that done before next week when Jess and family will be here.  Besides keeping the lawn mowed, I've been busy cleaning to get ready for more company.  Friday, yikes, it's already here; I'll be mowing more and getting the car seat installed in the car.  I took the car seat all apart and washed the cloth seat, now to get it all back together with the straps in the correct holes, etc. and strapped into the car. Saturday, we have a funeral of a good friend that passed away after her 2nd battle of cancer.  They live 3 hours away, so Saturday we'll be gone all day.  Then we drive to Fargo ND to pick the kids up at the airport on Sunday.  Granddaughter Amanda flew there 2 weeks ago, and will come back with them.  Her boyfriend TJ will also drive over to Fargo to get her.  He has been pretty lonesome!    Can't wait to see them and of course little Renee.  She turns 2 on July 2nd, and they'll get here the 3rd.  When we get home, we'll have a little birthday party, and later in the week we be having a big picnic with neighbors and friends.

Picked a couple of the peonies that were almost ready to bend to the ground.  The wind kind of got to them - next year I'll have to put taller  fencing around to hold the flowers up better.
I used a wine bottle as a vase -  Cupcake wine - (didn't like it, so poured it out) makes a very nice vase, and I'll save the cork for another project.
Well, hope you'll all have a great weekend.  Til I write again -

Keep smiling ~


Far Side of Fifty said...

The swing looks great!! I love the yellow and black buttons..they are perfect! I am so glad that the swing found a good new home and got an update! I will come over and sit on it! You are such a talented seamstress!
The peonies are beautiful! I think they must have really liked the cool wet weather because all the peonies around are blooming very nicely. All your Moms would be proud of your beauitful flowers:)

Lynda said...

I have always loved peonies, too. You are one super-talented woman with a sewing machine - - - and whatever else you put your mind to. You are the Martha Stewart who never got a TV show!
Whew - - - you make me tired thinking about all the activity going on at your place - - but it's all fun stuff!!!

Jeanne said...

Visiting by way of Far Gal--the swing looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, The swing turned out beautifully. I wish I had your sewing ability. Those cushions are adorable. You and Connie will enjoy visiting on that swing. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous flowers. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your swing turned out very nice! Enjoy swinging!
I agree the peonies were extra beautiful this year.
Enjoy your company and have a Happy 4th!
Phyl P.