Friday, July 8, 2011

Renee's First Horseback Ride!

Tuesday and Wednesday, Jess, Renee and Floyd drove to Stephani's home in southern MN as Steph and Cullen weren't able to come home while the kids were here.    She has a small farm just south of Pipestone, and has horses and dogs.    Our girls all grew up on horses, and Jessica is the only one now that doesn't have any horses.  After this trip, I have a feeling, there will be a day as Renee gets older, that they will move to a place further into the country so they can have horses.  Stephani had a pony there for Renee to ride, but Renee liked the big horses better!  The kids got to Stephs just after lunch time, and promptly went outside to see everything and ride.  Stephani does training of horses (and people); has a great Quarter Horse stud, and has a breeding program.  She gives lessons to kids and adults and when she is home, she is always busy.  Her husband Cullen loves the horses too, and after their work day and weekends,  they are always going to horse shows, trail rides, training or busy with their horses. Come see the pictures!
Steph and Renee walking out to the barn. 
Getting to know "Skoal".  This is now Steph's oldest horse.  Anyone can ride Skoal!
Jessica and Renee on Skoal. 
 "Cheese"  ~ Steph must have told both of them to say Cheese!
Resting after their ride and planting some flowers.  Stephani and Renee planted a plant that is now Renee's plant.  I can't find a picture of that, but I remember seeing one!  Oh, I bet they're still on Jess's camera!

More pictures later.  Think I need to get to bed; it's after 1 am!
Happy Trails to You,



Anonymous said...

Interesting background of S' knowledge of horses. R is lucky to have an auntie like Steph-I hear she really likes Cullen too! She will want to go to the farm as we did to Beanie and Martin's farm. I hope she visits S and C often and builds wonderful memories of their home and animals. Sounds like they had a wonderful visit. g

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious! Little Renee looks so comfy on the horse. Wishing you a nice weekend Jo.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh she will be a rider for sure..look at that smile! It looks like all the girls had a great time! :)

Loretta said...

She seems to be quite comfy in the saddle. How cute is she! Have a great weekend. Luv

Sharon said...

What a cute photo of the girls on the horse.
I'll bet she will be a horse woman in a few yrs.
have great weekend.

Lynda said...

Renee looked like she LOVED it! Even if she was just saying cheese, she has a huge grin on a relaxed face - - - no fear there at all.