Monday, July 18, 2011

What's going on with Blogger!

Finished this now on Monday evening, but I'd started on Sunday to write and here is that little story:
I have been working on two posts, wanting to insert pictures, and I can't.  It says I've used up all my space.  So now what do I do?  I've been trying to reach my friend Connie, because I'm sure she'll be able to help me.  Think I'll need to start writing off the blog site and transferring here?  I was so excited to show you pictures of  our (daughter Leah and I) trip to Bemidji yesterday to Art in the Park, and a quilt show.  So until I get it figured out how to install pictures again, etc. I'll just have to write!  
Well, now a day (now Monday eve) later, and I just tried to download a picture again, to see if it would happen again, and lo and behold - it worked.  What the...........    I was also looking for the same result as yesterday, because I now know that I'll need to pay for the service of installing pictures.  Apparently the Blogger gets full, and then you have to pay a yearly fee for storing pics in Picasa.  So, guess I'll just finish what I've started writing and see what happens.

  This picture below is Renee when they went to see Stephani in southern MN.  This old horse was off our girls old swing set.  I repainted it years ago, and had it in my flower garden for a few years, and then when Steph was getting interested in planting flowers, I asked her if she wanted it.  So that little pony is pretty old.  Leah, Steph and Jessica all rode that pony and played on that swing set.  We bought it probably in 1970!

This was my test upload picture.

One note of interest on Saturday was that I met Sandy.  Late afternoon on Saturday, hubby and I were sitting under the tree in our front yard, trying to keep cool, and just enjoying the day starting to cool off.  A car slowly drove by, and two people inside were looking our way.  Then it stopped, and backed up for a little ways, and then went forward again, twice!  Neither Steve or I could figure out who it was, but we decided to wave for them to come back.  Maybe they were looking for directions ~ or maybe they were looking at the yard where the old house used to be.  The car backed up, turned in the driveway, and they got out.  Still didn't know them.  We walked over to greet them, and she said she reads my blog, and they were looking for the new sign that we put up on our new garage, as she would recognize it from the road.    However, our garage/shop sits back from the road and the sign looks pretty small from that far away. 
This is the sign that they were looking for!   The garage sits back from the road a little ways, so it is hard to read!
I was so excited to meet a blogging reader that I gave her a hug!   We all sat under the tree and visited, and it is such a small world, as it turns out that we know quite a few people that they know!
She said she started reading Connie's blog first from Area Voices, and then her blog, and ventured out from there reading Jen's (Connie's daughter, mine and others).
Steve kind of knew the husband Bob from Crookston Winter Show days, so it was a fun visit.  Bob and Sandy - please come visit again!

This little blog is quite garbled, so good luck in reading it and following my meandering!!!


Sweet Tea said...

It's great that you got to have a random "meet up" with some Bloggy friends. You lucky thang you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, Yes, it was a good visit on Saturday. Bud and I are glad we were brave enough to stop! Bud found the old Winter Shows King Agassiz banquet book with your photo in from 1988. FYI - the Nursing Home we were wondering about is Oak Crossing Nursing Home in Detroit Lakes. It's a small world! Sandy

Sharon said...

How wonderful that you got to meet a bloggy friend and had a nice visit.
Have a great day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wonderful that they found you! It is always nice to meet readers!! It looks like you got your picture loading problem was probably just a blogger glitch..I think they are having a few problems lately:(

Darcie said...

One of the greatest things about blogging is meeting fellow bloggers. Glad she was brave enough to find you...made for a special time I am sure!!!

Lynda said...

I like garbled and random - - - sounds like me so I have a kindred spirit! Hooray for blogger buddies.