Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Favorite Holiday Pictures

I'm still here!  Have several blogs started, and as I was partially done, had to leave them.  So they're out there in "Edit" land waiting to be finished, and now will probably be deleted, as I'm going to show you some of my favorite pictures and leave it at that.  I just got to really look at all the 652 pictures I took, and can pick out a few!
"A Spotty Christmas Photo"
Renee with Jack and Spotty (Steph's Rat Terriers)

We took Jessica and Renee back to the airport Monday, and after getting home about 2 pm, I slept for 16 hours!  I wasn't feeling good, got the cold and ear ache back, and really needed some sleep!  Felt pretty good today, but still not back to normal.  Miss having the kids here, and now it is so quiet!  But I feel so blessed to have had everyone home this Christmas.  I'm sure there will be the day when we all can't get together.  We know with work schedules, that next Christmas will be a challange, and we may be celebrating our Christmas on the New Years weekend.  But that will be okey too.  Now with the two older grandkids out in the working world and their partners, we have more families to work around too.
Showing us some of her dance moves!
Renee passed out all the gifts, and then decided to wear some of them.
I made all the big girls scarves.  They were so nice and soft!
Leah got "Princess" sunglasses to wear when she's driving her
Mustang convertable next summer!  (we're now looking for
a pair of glasses like that for little Renee.  She wanted them
pretty bad!)
Jessica and Renee riding "Jack" later on Christmas day~
NO SNOW yet!
Our little princess got 3 princess outfits, and did she ever
love them.  Wore them over everything, every day since Christmas
I had to sew them several times before she left.  That
gift was sure a hit!  She loved to twirl and dance!
Dancing girl!
After Christmas Jess and I worked on a Tshirt quilt for her out of a few of
her Volleyball and Basketball teams that she's coached at Catholic
High.  Of course winning shirts from their state win last year.
I'm not done yet. So will show completed pictures later.  It was
great having help with the ironing on of the interfacing and then I cut out the
12.5 inch squares.  I have all the rows sewed together with black and
white polka dot strips, and now ready to sew the rows together.
Making a snow angel
Eating snow!!!   Heehee!  What kid doesn't like snow!
Renee and Amanda ~ Big hugs! or as they say "Tight-tight"
Throwing snowball at Mommy!
Working on old wooden puzzles that our girls had as kids.

Hope this isn't too many to post.  Will pick out some more for another time.  A new year started and I didn't make any resolutions.  Probably should have, but didn't want to break them!  Hope you all had a great Christmas too, and let's hope our New Year will be a great year. 


Muffy's Marks said...

The house sure does get quiet when they all leave. I like to go back and look at all the pictures and relive the memories, just as you did. Looks like you had a fun family time and lots of laughs.

Sweet Tea said...

What beautiful photos of dancing princess'AND a white Christmas. Looks like you had a "picture perfect" holiday. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You better go back to the Dr especially if your ear hurts..or you will go deaf in that ear. Hope you are all better soon! Such great photos..Renee is a will have to sew her some of those tu tu skirts with the netting and maybe make her a real princess dress for Easter:)

Cyndi said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful, family Christmas! Renee is getting so big...and is such a beautiful little girl! I didn't get to see my family in Louisiana this past Christmas, but maybe this year!

Have a great week, and hope you feel better soon!



Sharon said...

The house is sure quiet after all the family leaves.
I enjoyed looking at all of the photos that you shared with us.
I really do like the quilt and can not wait to see the finished project.
There is nothing better than family.

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos ! I have only 2 blogs and find it hard to keep them going lol ! Hope you feel better soon. Have a good day !

Lynda said...

Your Renee is so beautifully adorable!!! It's difficult to know who had more fun - - - you (from your word descriptions) or her - - - with the big smiles in every picture.
I wondered how you kept the T-shirts from stretching out of shape and you gave the answer - - interfacing. Smart woman you are.