Thursday, January 5, 2012


Snow Angel made by Jessica

Renee making  her snow angel
She did it!  It is next to Mommy's angel!

As kids when we got our first snow, that was the first thing we did, was make snow angels!
So much fun.  It is hard to realize that many of my blogging friends that don't live in snow climate have never been able to make a snow angel.   
It gets to be a learned art to be able to get up to a standing position after you've made your wings and legs or skirt of the angel without ruining the look.  We got pretty good at it, and then would finish by making a foot mark and a head and halo. (which we didn't do here).
Some day if you're in snow country, you've got to try this.

Today we had 53 degrees here - so back to brown grass again.  Only a few small snow piles!  Can you believe this winter!!!!!!!!!    Sure is helping us out with heat bills ~ but I hope we do get some good permanent winter snow cover.  We need it.
Talked to Leah, and she and Amanda got sick and Jessica called yesterday, and she was sick.  So we sure had / have the bug!  I'm feeling better, but coughing and sinuses have plugged me up and my ear!

I've been looking at Pinterest and pinning a little.  Have you?  Just something else to keep up with, right?  Rather interesting looking at all the things people are doing, and giving me ideas of things I want to do.
Going to get a cup of Chai Tea and sit in the living room - relax a little.  Have a great evening.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You are going to go deaf in that should see a ear nose and throat guy..enough bossing you around!
The snow Angels were really cute! :)

Lynda said...

I grew up in upstate NY so have made a few snow angels in my life. During recess in elementary school, we used to make "houses" - - - looked more like a blueprint. Also, we played something like fox and hound. Basically we made a big circle with paths through it - - - like pie slices. It was one of those games like Duck, Duck, Goose.
Sure hope you and the others are feeling better. It sounds like time for chicken soup and orange juice!

Sybil said...

Although we had plenty snow when I was growing up a snow angel was never a thing I thought of indeed don't think I ever heard of such a thing till I came on here....wonder if it is a US thing ? Do wish that you sinuses would clear up it makes one feel so blahhhh....
Love from a really funny old winter over here in the Uk as well the temp. are more like springtime than winter and all the bulbs etc are getting confused..I keep telling them to go back underground as if Jack Frost comes he will nip there heads off LOL
Love Sybil xx

Nezzy said...

Awwww, not that's the cutest little snow angel ever!!!

Take care of that ear sweetie and feel better.

I've kinda steered away from Pinterest...I fear I'd be sucked in like a dust particle with my vacuum.

Gotta watch my time! Heeeheheh!

God bless ya and have a fantastic week my friend!

Darcie said...

We have only had just about enough snow this year to make snow sledding here. Thank goodness you don't need much snow to still have fun and make snow angels.