Monday, June 8, 2009

Feelin The Pain

Yesterday Floyd was working on this old John Deere 180 riding mower that had been given to them. I understand it has been a "work in progress" project. Doing something to fix it up each time he uses it. He had already mowed the grass, and I thought it looked really nice, however, he said the belts were loose, blades were cutting uneven & they needed sharpening. Before long, he had pieces of this mower laying all over the car port. Seat was off; the front hood; the mower deck = all off! I was reading a book, and occasionally peeked to see what he was doing! Noticed he had a little trouble getting the blades off (two) and with some lube or WD40; muscle work and a little bad language they finally came off. He had to borrow his fathers power grinder to sharpen the blades and got the job done. The grinder looked like it came over on the Mayflower, with the electric cord so terribly chewed up and worn I was surprised it worked. But it did. Eventually he started putting things back together again, and when he was tightening up one of the blades, the socket slipped off the nut on the top side, and his left hand that had been on the bottom side, of course jumped, hitting the sharp blade. He cut his third middle finger on the top side between the two knuckles above the fingernail - pretty nasty. He ran over to the hose and was running water over the blood coming out, and not looking at it, so I grabbed a clean shop towel and looked at this good sized cut flap telling him "hold this with pressure - I think this needs stitches"! He was starting to get a little sweaty - clammy - and white! So after a cool wet towel to wipe off his sweaty bald head, and telling Jess that I was now taking her hubby to the emergency room -- off we go. But not before taking a few minutes to find the correct insurance card for him to show them. Anyway, we got to the hospital in New Iberia and I waited for him. He got 7 stitches, his finger wrapped in gauze and in a finger guard. He said the worse part was the doctor giving him novicane shots in the finger two times. He didn't watch the doctor do any of this. (boy it's good these guys don't have babies!) I shouldn't give him such a bad time, but he is fun to tease.

After we got home, he did get the lawn mower put back together with the help of his little brother Peter. Peter and Sandra had stopped over to see how Jessica was doing.

He also put a new cord on the grinder - good job! Hope his dad likes that.

Now today I noticed that the mower has a flat front tire! ! ! ! !


Feelin' the wind! said...

What next right, but it is a good thing you are here when all of this is happening!!!! Love you MOM

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you all are done visiting the hospital for a few days. Good thing you were there Jo! :)

g said...

What a story! Poor F with big bad middle finger with guard on it...probably sticks straight up all by itself. Naughty finger!
I hope he is feeling better, we all feel bad for him. (Really)
Did all this "bad luck" start when you came down? I don't know how they've made it this long without your help.
(Just according to the story, J and F)
Now all will be fine. Take good care of F and J and of course...You.
Love to all, g