Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remembering 3 years ago!

June is a busy month for weddings. Daughter Jessica was married in Stephani's yard on Father's Day weekend 3 years ago today in South Dakota. Her wedding had been planned for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, however, Floyd's orders to send him overseas was moved up, so their wedding date was moved ahead. They had a lovely wedding with family and friends from Louisiana, North Dakota and Minnesota. Most of the relatives brought campers, some stayed in motels, and some of us in Steph's house and some in tents. Leah, Amanda and I had been at Stephani's for a couple of days to help get ready, and Germ and Sue came early too. We girls went to Sioux Falls for lunch one day and had alot of laughs - our mini bachelorette party at a Mexican restraurant!

This next picture shows a bunch of us all piled on a bed, laughing and having fun having watched Jessica try on her dress and listening to Stephani singing and practice the song she was to sing for the wedding. She sang "Baby You Belong" (a Faith Hill song). Of course Steph and Jess had to share the mike - we all love listening to them sing.

The weather was warm and it tried to rain, but it just came down as a drizzle most of the day. We had tents set up and everyone brought folding chairs. Amanda, Cora and Marcus came down the isle first, then Leah, and then Steph; then Mike (best man) walked me in and Floyd walked his parents in and then Grandpa and Grandma. Steve (a little teary eyed!) walked Jessica down the isle with the tune of "Jessica's Theme" in "Man From Snowy River" playing (our family favorite). With the change in wedding date and location, some of the bridal party couldn't be there. Bridesmaid dress orders got canceled and groomsmen cloths canceled, with money returned. We were thankful that money was returned to everyone. It was casual dress for all but the bride and groom!

Steve sang "The Lord's Prayer" during the ceremony and Uncle Vern read scripture. Everything went smoothly and it was a beautiful wedding. One picture I didn't get that I now wish I had, was after the ceremony and we were all getting our cake and mints to eat and walking to the grassy area by the barn, there was a huge beautiful rainbow that hung in the air over the end of the barn and the horse pasture. It was so pretty! We all enjoyed eating tons of shrimp, crab dip, and egg rolls that Hoa and Sandra had brought with them from Louisiana. We also had pork tenderloin and all kinds of other food, as everyone shared a dish - a "wedding potluck" meal!

There was a DJ set up on a flat bed close to the barn, and that evening we had a wedding dance on the grass! Floyd and Jessica had the first dance, and then a Louisiana tradition was done with Stephani having to dance with a broom. This is done when a younger sister gets married before an older one!!! Of course we all had alot of fun with that, and Steph did it in good humor!

Jessica sang "Moma, He's Crazy" (a Judds song) for the song when Floyd danced with his mother. So the dance went on without any rain and we also had a fire in the fire pit. Guys were playing horse shoe, a couple of bean bag games were set up and it was a perfect evening. It turned into a late night under the stars!

On Sunday the Jess and Floyd opened up gifts, and all the little kids had fun playing together. They got to pet a fawn "Bambi" that had been orphaned.

Then everyone had to start packing up and travel back home.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It was such a fun weekend -- lots of memories were made (unusual wedding? No! it was beautiful and loads of fun). And it didn't matter how you were dressed. One cousin came in shorts and carried in his own chair for the wedding - how casual is that! Great blog!

Feelin' the wind! said...

Thanks Mom!!!
I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!! Nice and quaint! The most relaxing and wxciting day of my life so far!!!!

Love you,

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great blog today! I so enjoyed it! :)

g said...

Your memory serves you well, it was indeed a very great day; beautiful in every way. Everyone had such a nice time, a beautiful wedding for two wonderful people. Congratuations, Jess and Floyd on 3 years. g