Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie night

Get out the pop corn and cold drinks - settle in and watch a movie!

Jess and I watched a movie tonight that I thoroughly enjoyed. I remember seeing advertisements when it was coming out and knew I wanted to see this one. It starred Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. "New in Town" - a film about a manufacturing plant in New Ulm MN and it portrayed us Minnesotans about as bad as was done in "Fargo"! It was about a large company sending one of their reps to a small town because they are going to restructure this manufacturing plant. Big city girl to small MN town and a bunch of small town, real people. A good entertaining movie.

Jess and I had a few good belly laughs! Especially when the star fell off the porch in a drunken stupor! - I couldn't stop laughing - Jess had to stop the movie to hear about the time I did the same thing. Think it had been a New Years party up at the Kivi's - opened the door, stepped out, fell off the steps and laid in the snow! I don't even remember getting out of the snow - terrible huh? Spose Steve had to help my sorry ass up! Plus he tells me I was sick all the way home - 9 miles. Yuk, that must have been terrible. If it wasn't New Year's, we must have been up there to play cards, etc. We haven't been in that party loop for a long time; maybe it's because I basically don't drink any more. Jess said she hadn't heard that story before. Your kids just don't need to know everything - right?

I could relate to several other things in the movie as well, but don't want to tell you all in case you haven't seen this movie. It was a hoot!


Far Side of Fifty said...

We watched it last Friday night when Maddie was here, she fell asleep. Far Guy and I really enjoyed it..we loved the "maybe I need my jacket after all " part..LOL. I loved the brogue..it was a good movie. So that must be why you come over..the non drinking part..I am way too old to feel that rotten. You fell off the steps..well at least he didn't leave you there and go home alone. One time after having too many Skip and go nakeds... I crawled from the rec room to the house...I never had that drink again..called it Skip and Fall down and keep your clothes on:)

West Side of Straight said...

Ya connie - I have a naked me & furnace guy crawl to bathroom story as well! Oh we were so bad!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Whoa.... I'm not sure I want to hear that one -- naked and a furnace guy all in the same story!

g said...

Ha, ha...entertaining story. I would guess if we all thought about it and really told the truth, we'd have some real funny tales to share. We'll have to get the movie too, but I need to re read our dvd directions....insert dvd WHERE? geez.

Feelin' the wind! said...

Yeah Leah, you don't want to know about the furnace guy!!!!!! I just heard the story..... lmao and had to call dad to verify the story. Mom did have her bra and underwear on!!!!! Too funny, but I won't tell mom all of my stories either!