Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Road Again!

Because I was upset with airline rates, I got brave and drove myself 1541 miles, from home in Minnesota, to our youngest daughter's home in Louisiana to spend time with her while she is confined to the couch/lounge chair or bed for the rest of her pregnancy. Actually she has been home and off her feet since Feb, total to be 6 months-with 3 left to go. Due date is Aug 24, 2009. I had flown earlier in Feb and then came home in April. Now she is having more health problems, and I felt the need to be with her -- plus she did want me to come! Jess had been in the hospital earlier in the week with spotting, contractions, etc. Now the doctor says all she can get up for is to go to the bathroom.

My trip was uneventful and the first day I drove 14.5 hours, and the second day 12 hours. I would not have driven myself if I had not had a newer car. Our 2008 Toyota Rav4 drives wonderful and gets great gas mileage. I stayed the night on the SW side of Joplin MO, so it was easy to navigate thru town traffic early the second day. I stayed at a Super 8, and found out that dogs can stay there, so maybe next time I'll bring one of the dogs if I'm traveling alone.

Arrived here at 6 pm on Thursday and found everyone ok, Floyd, Jess, dogs Cora & Jack. Jess had gotten home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, Floyd's mother Sandra stayed with Jess so that she wasn't alone. When I got here, the dogs were all over me; so must be really happy to have me back!

However, the next morning, Friday June 5th, (Jess's b-day) it was a different story. She wasn't feeling well; backache (which a back rub didn't help), spotting blood, etc. and then ache coming around to the front. We called the doctor and she was told to go to the hospital. So Floyd came home from work and off to Lafayette we went. We got there about 11:45 am and had to register. I get so uptight with registering a patient that is obviously in pain and it took about 15 minutes. I was not very polite in the background. Then the girl was going to have her walk, and Floyd and I got a wheel chair from the lobby and the girl started to wheel her, but Floyd took over when she got the chair jolted on the carpet, and I could see it was not helping poor Jess. Finally got her into a bed and there could only be one person there with her, so I found a waiting room. Doc came in to see her and with urine testing, etc. and checking if baby ok, they determined she probably had kidney stone or stones. Then we went with to do ultrasound on the bladder and that was interesting. We watched it as they checked baby out, tried to see the kidney, but couldn't; and then zoned in on the bladder, and watched the left kidney spill into the bladder, with the color of yellow & red (looked like fire). Watched for over 20 minutes with no action of the right kidney emptying out into the bladder.

She was in a lot of pain, and she'd been given a shot for the pain. Her doctor said she had the option of staying o'nite in the hosp until the stone passes or go home with some pain pills and tough it out at home. So home we go. Got home after 4 pm. Got her settled in and teased her that if she really had wanted drugs for her birthday, we could have done something else besides going to the hospital! The pain pills helped her through the night and Saturday she felt pretty good. Today (Sunday) she is in pain again, so they are moving, but it isn't as bad as Friday. With all the water she is drinking, we are hoping that she will pass the stone soon.

I am very relieved that her little "Renee" wasn't coming into this world just yet. She needs to stay where she is several weeks yet!!!!! And grow bigger and stronger. When Jess was in the hospital this last week, she did get 2 shots to make Renee's lungs stronger in case she comes this early. So we are thankful that Jess and baby are doing fine and will take one day at a time. Hopefully this kidney stone will soon pass!!!!!!!!!!

So comparing the cost of flying one way at $540.00 versus my gas expense of $148.00 and the motel at $62.00; I'm glad I chose to drive. My round trip driving will be cheaper than one way of flying!


Feelin' the wind! said...

Grandma Jo- We are so glad you are here, because Mom doesn't do as much around the house and we know she will be better off stayaing in her chair, and doesn't have to worry about things getting done when you are here! We love you tons and are so greatful for you!
Cora and Jack

Far Guy said...

Jeez, Raining here high of 50 today, Just downright miserable. wish you were here. Don't even began to tell us what the weather is like there. Give Jess a hug for us.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi! Found ya , and I will put up a link on my page! Hope you are having a good day today, we miss you up here..but it is so darned least you are warm there. :)

g said...

hi anom....maybe can't comment. We are so glad that you are with J and F. Thinking of Baby R all the time and Jess.

Thank you for being such a great Mom....g

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Love the colors & the windmill! You made great time and great rate -- a friends son just got one way tickets from Phoenix to Fargo for $29.00 -- can you believe that? The weather is fall like here - our heat has been coming on.