Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flooding worry!

Got a wake up call from our daughter in Louisiana and now will be worried about them for the next few days.  She had told me yesterday that it had been raining every day there, but I had not realized that it was so bad for them.  It has been heavy rain, nonstop stuff.  That creates a problem for them there.  When I stayed with them last winter it flooded into their storage shed, and they had the vehicles moved out.  But this time, they got wet.

Jess says at 12:30 am last night she woke up, really hot, and checked and the heating/air system was not working.  So spose the motor on that got flooded and quit.  She woke up Floyd and got baby Renee up, and they went over to the babysitter neighbor and spent the night. 

But not before damage to their car happened.  Jess said there was water inside and the seats, etc. all wet.  The guys did get the car moved to higher ground and now they are waiting for insurance adjuster to come out.   She didn't go to work today, and is home trying to get stuff cleaned again.  She said it is suppose to rain again harder starting this afternoon again.   The clean up there is so bad!  The bad yuk that gets in the yard comes from the drainage ditches. 

I remember when they moved to Louisiana and bought this house.  It was a good deal, and I think they bought a little in haste.  But their world was so up in the air then with Floyd getting shipped overseas in a few weeks, and a new teaching job for Jess starting.  Floyd was in the Marines then and was sent to Africa for a tour of duty.  They were so excited to have found this cute house, and had assured us that they weren't in a flood area.  Oh well.  We all learn and grow from experience.  The only thing is, it would be really hard to sell this property now I'm sure.  I think they'll be talking to some engineers about building up the area/lot.  The neighbors across the road do not flood.  So the kids have some big decisions to make here.  Some costly decisions whatever they decide. 

Picture below was taken when I was there this past spring and it flooded.  Cleanup was so yukky!

So Hang int there Jess and Floyd.  We're praying for you and better weather to come.  I know clean up is a gruelling job, but you will get through this.   love you - mom


Rae said...

I understand your worry and concern. I have experienced several serious floods and the aftermath at my son't house. It is a helpless overwhelming experience - especially when insurance does not cover the loss. You are so right about the clean up being yukky and hard work too. This has to be even more difficult for them and you at this time of the year with Christmas around the corner. I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and pray for a good outcome to their difficult situation.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Yucky for sure - doesn't the weather in Louisiana know it is the holiday season and most are busy with hustling and bustling and not cleaning and cleaning! Hope all ends well...and the house and 4-wheelers were saved!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like they are always getting wet and flooded.. water is no fun at all. Perhaps they can come up with some kind of creative landscaping solution:)

Buttercup said...

Prayers from New York for the rain to stop and for Jess Floyd.

P.S. Love your header photo.