Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Dog supervised decorating the tree!

Santa dog "Hooch" watched me ALL day, putting together the tree and decorating it.  I need to remember to get another string of lights, as I have lights two different sizes on the tree.  Never remember until I'm in work mode, and not wanting to drive 15 miles into town and then back again with more lights.  I'll have to remember now when the lights go on sale after Christmas to get more!

I know I have another plastic tub full of decorations, but didn't dig them out from under the basement staircase.  But the tree has plenty on it.  There are the ones from the grandkids Blake and Amanda that they have made during the years and from friends.  There are some very old (now antique) ornaments that were on our family tree when I was growing up.  They still have the old white string on to hang them up with.  I just don't want to cut that string off.  These are just plastic.  There are a few glass ones, but they must be in the other tub, along with alot of the ornaments our kids made.  Next year I'll have to rotate. 

Hooch was wonderful as Santa Dog,  sat so perfectly on command.  I want to have Odda in a picture by the tree also, but think that job of getting her and Hooch to sit quietly may be more than Odda can handle.  But think I'll try it with help either from Connie or Leah one of these days.  First I'll take Odda on a long walk -wear her out a little.  That will help.   

Maybe we'll even try a Christmas picture when Stephani gets home with her 5 dogs! Wow - 7 dogs by the tree. That's a stretch! Think I'll try for a picture of the DOGS all together outside! Will leave the indoor pictures for baby Renee and the rest of us. In our little house we will have Leah's family and possibly a girlfriend and boyfriend =4 or 6; Steph and Cullen and Nick is coming with them = 3; and then Jessica, Floyd and Renee = 3 and Steve and I=2; and then my sister and hubby=2; total of 16 to try to get a picture in front of the tree. Well, maybe we won't be in front of the tree, there probably isn't room enough for all of us, but we will get a picture of all of us together!

Then when I told Santa Dog "OK, done", he took care of removing his santa hat and beard!

Now that the tree is up I can get some more sewing done and baking!  Yesterday daughter Leah and I spent a day together shopping in a neighboring town.  She crossed alot of things off her list.  My list is in my head!  dah!  Need to wrap things to make sure all is well on the gift list!  We had a fun day together and had a wonderful salad lunch at Perkins.  Just our lunch was a day brightner, as it was so good! 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hooch looks so cute in his hat and beard!! I can help with Odda anytime..just give me a holler! We can load her up with snacks!! Your tree looks great! How many ornaments has Odda taken off? LOL I can come and taste test that baking too ( Just to make sure it is fit for all your special people that are coming) :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Hooch you did great - what a handsome beard! You never know Odda may surprise you....I always think Lenny doesn't have a sit still bone in his body but he knows when I mean business... Maybe I should come and hang onto Odda's collar and she'll remember our episode when I dog sat.... He he he!

Nezzy said...

Santa Hooch is so cute! Your one brave dogs and a tree, hummmm. Just sayin'. Heeeheeehe!

Have a fantastically blessed day!!!

BTW, your tree is beautiful :o)

Shelley said...

Oh that santa hat and beard looked adorable on Hooch! What a good boy!!!

Buttercup said...

Santa Hooch was too cute! Your shopping day sounds great.