Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

 Hooch has a favorite spot to sit and watch what is going on outside.  His eyesight is so good that he can see the barn cat when it is out of the barn - he yips and runs to the door, and runs as fast as he can to give the cat chase.  Of course he doesn't catch the cat.  It's just the chase he loves!  He chases deer out of the barn yard from the spill over of ground feed, rabbits and birds!  Love that picture of him looking out!

Merry Christmas from our  house to you!  Took alot of pictures today trying to get dogs to sit  where we wanted them!  To wearing hats and head bands!   Wanted one in  front of the Christmas tree, looking toward the camera - didn't get that one!  Tried treats.  That was fun.  Hooch would sit up on his hind legs a long time waiting while Odda would get in the right position - don't think the RIGHT position ever happened, but we had fun trying.   After awhile Hooch would get mad at Odda, and get bossy!  As big as Odda is, she lets Hooch have his way!   All in all, we did get some good pictures anyway.  Will show you more another day.

I got some gift wrapping done today!  Need to get to town and make copies of some pictures.  Made some cookies yesterday, but they're almost gone.  Steve had help getting corn delivered, so fed extra guys today and for coffee breaks.    Have to get up early to play bells as a substitute bell ringer at another church in town.  Have to be there before 7 am.  That puts a crimp into sleeping in!   

Next week I play at our church and we have a bell concert in the afternoon on the 20th.  We will be having a concert with 3 different church bell choirs,  and  have done this annually for quite a few years now.  I'll be playing with our bell choir, and also subbing for another for the concert too!   I do like ringing bells.  It is alot easier than being in a band.  Was in our community band for several years also, but got tired of the practicing.  For me, the bells are a lot easier; and so is the sight reading of music. 


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Looks good - looks like you tried "picnik" -- I've been playing with it too!

Rae said...

What a pair of Christmas cuties. I think Odda is trying to smile a little in that second photo. Sweet!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey you did good! I love the one of Hooch looking out his window! Odda did great..what a good far did you walk her..five miles? :)

The Wife said...

Love the pictures!! Such good critters! "picnik" is my bestfriend!