Tuesday, December 29, 2009

House isQuiet!

Grandma and Grandpa picking up kids at the airport in MPLS.

Here is our Wonderful newest addition to our family - Baby Renee!  She will be 6 months old on January 2nd.  She was the best baby while she was here.  She slept all night, took many naps during the day.  IT  WAS  SO  FUN  to have a baby in the house again!

Christmas Day afternoon we were getting snow, snow, snow!  It was above freezing, and the snow was made for making a snowman   Our snowman is about 10' tall - had to use the skidsteer to get the top done!     It was alot of fun - snowballs flying by, dogs running all over catching snowballs!  I even rolled the head of the snowman, but the guys did the heavy work!   We got alot of pictures taken, and there will be more to show.

Steph, Cullen and Nick left on Saturday morning - drove to southern MN on more bad roads, but they needed to get home to plow out their own farm yard and get ready for work.  It took them 8 hours to get home (normally a 4.5 to 5 hr drive).   Floyd and Jessica went snowmobiling with Blake, Steven, Leah and Amanda.  Floyd rode alot, and was kind of sore today on the ride to the airport.  We couldn't have had a better Christmas.  The snow made it perfect for playing outside.  Some years it has been too cold to snowmobile; but the weatherman brought new snow to the area for us.   We were lucky - kids arrived before the snow came in and didn't have to leave until today, after most of the other holiday travelers.  They flew out of MPLS and into Houston, then to Lafayette, LA; arriving there about 8:30 pm this evening.  Glad they are also home safe and sound.

With the last of our company leaving today;  I'm now going to crash for a few days!  Didn't get any blogging done while everyone was here = just too busy.  I'm sure going to miss everyone, but already making plans for going south later this winter.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I figured you were asleep! You will need to rest up!! Renee is a beautiful baby..it was wonderful to meet her! :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I thought you probably went home and entered hibernation for a day or so! Rest up!