Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Steph's We Go!

We're on our way to Stephani and Cullen's.    It will be a busy weekend, as we will be in Sioux Falls all weekend at the horse expo. Steph is showing her stud "Skip" and has a booth.  Hopefully she will make many contacts for stud service for this spring and summer.
This is the first year for her and Cullen to market her stud at this expo, so we'll see how things go. 
Here Steve and Steph are visiting while I was taking pictures of her horses last fall.  I feel kind of bad, because it's been so long since we've been to her place.  Steph and Cullen were home for Christmas, when everyone was home, so this visit with them will be good.
I'm sure her yard is still muddy, as southern MN had more snow then we did this winter.  In fact, it is suppose to snow again tomorrow! 
I used this picture on my blog header last fall for awhile.  I was trying to find a picture of "Skip", but couldn't, so will have to take some on this trip.  I know I have a big picture that she had a photographer take, and she used it for some ads, but I can't find it!!!!  Skip is a quarterhorse, colored sorrel with flaxen mane and tail.  Really a beautiful animal.  He has sired some nice babies, and they are all so beautiful.

Leah and Amanda have a colt, "Smoke", sired by Skip.  He is a very light palamino, but most of Skips babies are sorrel with flaxen mane and tail like himself.  Leah is now riding Smoke, and now that spring is upon us, she'll be anxious to start riding him again.
We plan on leaving about 10 am, and it will take us about 5.5 hrs to get there - maybe 6 if we stop for lunch.   Steph is riding Skip about 6 pm, and has a program with Skip and some of his babies that she's sold.  She says they are riding to "Man From Snowy River" music.  That is our family favorite in both music and movie!    Steph will be singing the national anthem every day at noon.   I think this expo is probably  a "bigger" thing than I'm prepared for.  Steph and I will be staying at a motel in Sioux Falls, while the guys will be traveling the 40 miles ea way morning and night, (they get to do the chores at home!). 

Steph and Cullen don't have interenet connection/landline phone or cable tv, etc. at their farm, so she isn't aware of all this blogging that the rest of us are doing.  Actually, I'm not so sure she'd make time for it.  Both working and then all their chores, etc. etc.  I know that she and Cullen are bone tired at the end of each day.  Can't wait to see them tomorrow - and I'll get a full report to you all when I get home!  Have a great weekend!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Have a good trip! I hope Steve stops when you want to take a photo! :)

Rae said...

Love that photo of the horses. Horses are amazing creatures with such distinct personalities. I used to ride as a kid. That was a special time in my life. I miss it. I hope you have a great visit and enjoy yourself.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I love that horse picture - heard from you and sounds like this went "wonderful" on Friday night! Sounds like they are being awarded for all their very hard work over the years... anxious to see some pictures.

Sandra said...

Fabulous photo of the horses! Truly perfect! My brother is Steve and my sister is Stephanie; hope "yours" are as wonderful as mine -smile-.