Friday, March 26, 2010

Moles, dogs and frisbees!

Hooch, our Parsons Jack Russel, and Odda, our Bernese Mt Dog, helped Steve clean up today.  Steve was removing staw bales that had been laid over our septic system so it wouldn't freeze up during last winter, and today was the day to move the straw bales to the burn pile.  Of course the dogs are right there, as moles had camped out all winter under and in the straw bales.  Odda caught and killed one, and Hooch got four or five.  Great hunters they are!!!!!!

They look like they've had a good winter.  Bigger than I thought they would be.  Yuk!

I hope they got all of those little critters.  Don't like them so close to the house.  I see when I mow in the summer that they will dig close to our foundation, but haven't had any in the house.  Late fall we'll get a few mice in the house, but catch them with traps, and then we're done with that.  Hazards of living in the country! 

Our frisbee dog, and his backup.  Odda just runs after Hooch to get her exercise in for the day.  She barks and enjoys the chase.

The Hooch teases her, wanting to play tug o war!  That goes on for awhile, until Hooch decides that he has had enough of Odda playing with him and his frisbee!

It's a cool day with the temperature at 52 degrees F today.  It is suppose to warm up the mid 60's on Monday and Tuesday.  Then we'll all really feel like getting yard work done!.  It was too windy to rake today, but I did rake up some in the front yard yesterday.  I'm dreading all the work that needs to be done in my flower garden area!

See the green grass starting to come?  Won't be long and we'll all be complaining about having to mow the yard so much!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Rae said...

Ugly critters aren't they? Good for Hooch and Odda getting rid of them. Gives me the heebie jeebies seeing anything that resembles a rat. Those two hunters of yours are quite a pair. It must be fun to watch them play together. Good luck with the yard work. I am dreading all that we need to do. Every year that I get older it takes me longer to get it done.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Just think pretty soon your yard will be a lovely green! You don't need cats with those two around!!!

Sandra said...

Well done!

Far Side of Fifty said...

They are great hunters! Good photos with that new camera!! You are doing good! They must have been tired to lay down so close to each other:)

Buttercup said...

Love the doggie photos. It's turned colder here, too, but I am sure things will be better in about a week or so. Have a good week!

The Wife said...

Hooch is just like my Pepper. Great varmit killers! We are gettin' warmer temps now but the wind is so bad!