Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Aren't these two "kids" just the cutest!  And of course their mommy!  I've already forgotten their names, as there are so many. 
The past two days, we have driven over to our neighbors 2 miles away to get goat milk for some of our baby pigs.  We've had the grand tour of their goat barn, watching them feed and milk the goats.  Now is lower production of milk, as the mommas will be giving birth soon.  These two babies are less than 2 weeks old, and yesterday they were frolicking outside in the sun and climbing on the other goats, jumping off  and were just so much fun to watch, but yesterday I had not thought to bring my camera.  Today we went back for more milk, as the little piggies just were so hungry and drank all of yesterdays milk - just really made pigs of themselves!  Steve had milk replacer on order, but it still hasn't gotten here, so we thought of Trish and Mitch with their goats milk. 
I think they're all so cute and such expressions.  So inquisitive!
Their goats are not all the same breed.  Trish says the LaMancha (ears very small) goats are the best milkers, and they also have Nubians with floppy ears and Saanens with ears that stand up.  Some of their goats are crossbreds.  Trish and Mitch homeschool their two boys, so while we were there, and Steve talking to the parents, I was learning from the boys!  They know their stuff!    The two babies that were born, were bred too early, as most of their kids are going to be born late March or April. Then I know I'm going to go back to see more babies, and get more pictures.
What do you think of this "Billy"?  He is one big buck!  The new babies coming will be from his breeding.  

They have this one milker, and drink the goats milk after straining it.   If you're lactose intolerant, goats milk would work for you.  I remember as a kid we drank goats milk. Trish sells milk when all the Does are milking, and they make the most wonderful goat soap.  Extra milk is frozen,  and that is what we got today. 

Such personalities!  I think I'd ask to have some goats, but just don't think Steve would let me have any!  I'll just have to go visit Trish and her goats instead.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Great job! -- I always thought it would be interesting for the 4-H kids.... Very interesting.. and they are very cute (the ones with ears)

Rae said...

This post was fascinating. That is quite a goat production. The goats are cute. You should post pictures of your baby pigs. I bet they are really cute too. Love your new header and blog background.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love those goats!! I do love goats they are very nice animals:)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

WOW now that's one heck of a goat operation there LOL!! The baby goats are always so SWEET!! Can't wait to see more pics after the normal birthing period comes LOL!!

Jennifer said...

I love goats! I think they are adorable. I've also seen their fiesty side - boom you're on your butt and sore for days! Glad I stopped by, Jennifer jennsthreegraces