Monday, April 19, 2010

Garage Groundwork

Today started early with the sound of the big equipment starting up and running.  Last week Son-in-law cut down the tree, and today the crew came in to remove tree stumps, the old garage foundation, an old silo ring, and tv tower.  Pictures below will tell the story.  Our ground is not level, and I could hardly believe the level after all was done.  We will now be moving Odda's kennel, as the new garage will be so close. 
The old foundation of the little garage, the contractors dump truck
Odda's red kennel, and the tree stump by the front that looks
like it is next to the front tire of the truck.

Removing the tree stump.  It was larger than I thought it would be.

Removing the old foundation and loading into the dump truck.

View from our back step.

The old tv tower coming down.  The bird feeder was pulled out so we
can reinstall it.  I now want it closer to the kitchen window!

Big equipment sure does the job!  It beats doing it by hand.

Added many loads of sand for the base to prepare for new floor and foundation.

After the guys were done.  Look at the ground level of Odda's kennel
compared to what the garage floor will be! 

Later we cut down the lilac bush that is to the top rightof the picture.  It encircled the main power pole, and we will be changing from overhead service to underground service coming from the pole where the lilac bush was; and the pole by the right edge of the picture will be coming out.    It will be hard to get used to the fact that we won't be able to see the barns now from our kitchen window!  That will take some getting used too!

The guys come back tomorrow to install the drain in the the ground.  I don't know if they will be doing the trench for the power or not.  Now things will go a little slower.  We won't be home this weekend to work on the cement work, so that will start the weekend of May 1st.   

This prepared area for the garage seems to make our house look really little!  That's a thought.  Maybe we should move into the garage!  All one level, and you know, we're getting older!   ha.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Wow - that didn't take long! Odda wouldn't have much of a view if she stayed there would she? -- didn't realize so much sand would be needed to make it level.... It will be so nice!

Nezzy said...

Isn't big equipment great??? I had to giggle when ya mentioned movin' to the garage...all one level! I so understand! I just wanted to drop by and see what you've been up to. Do ya'll have plans to move Odda??? Inquiring minds want to know!

May God bless your day!

Darcie said...

WOW...looks like you all are having a lot of work done. Love the barn in the background...they always appeal to my sentimental side(barns).

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks different..and will take some getting used too.. where oh where are you going to move Odda too? One thing at a time!! :)

Sharon said...

It looks lots of work and yes the big rig beats shoveling. I wish I was getting that new garage.
I will be following the progress and showing hubby all the photos. you know hint hint.:)

gayle said...

Wish my husband would hire more heavy equipement. It takes us forever to do anything because he always wants to do it himself! He is getting too old!! Can't wait to see your progress!!