Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More preparation for new garage!

On Sunday evening Leah, Steven and Amanda came over and Steven and Steve cut down a tree that was going to be in the way of the new garage.  I hated to see the tree go, as it was nice shade, but it was a messy tree, and dripped on the vehicles, and branches broke off all the time.  I will replant another tree in the yard, but away from the vehicles and the garage.

wood chips just a flying!

Leah, Steve and Amanda loaded cut up pieces into the bucket, so we can keep for the fire pit! 
 It will be put away to dry out for a year.

Then on Monday about 5 pm, the contractor (neighbor fellow, Josh ((Connie's nephew)), came by with equipment that will be used to break up the foundation and get rid of the tree roots, and to help with the preparation of the ground work.  They left it here and will be back in a couple of days to start the job.  Of course,  that all depends on the weather.  If we get rain, plans get delayed.  They didn't need it for their other jobs, so left it here.

It's just unloaded here, Josh did move it further into our yard.  More pics when something else happens!

I'm so excited for a garage.  Never have had one we could park our car or truck in.  All the years I worked and had to scrape ice and snow off that car!  Start it in below zero weather to warm up before going to work early in the morning!  It will be so nice - just a lot of years too late!  Better late than never!   Now at least we'll be able to keep our vehicles in better shape during the winter months.  Woohoo!!!!  Can't wait!!!!!


Debbie said...

Congratulations! I've had a garage for the last 16 years. I love it. We've been looking at new places to buy and one of the stipulations I have is that it has to have a garage. I don't like to scrape snow and ice early in the morning, either. LOL!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You will love your garage..I know I love mine. It is wonderful!! Hope you get lots of shelves too!! :)

Sharon said...

First I'd like to thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
I so enjoyed reading you blogs.
I hope you enjoy your new garage. I have been waiting for one for yrs. I hate the ice scrapping also.
We have an acreage we moved to about 4 yrs ago and we are still taking down trees and planting new ones in a different spot. No mention of a garage spot however.LOL
I am going to become a follower so that I can see what a new garage will look like.

Darcie said...

Thank you so much for your comments as of late...sorry it's taken awhile to get back over here to yours. Hope you have room for another follower...look forward to returning soon!

Sandra said...

Wood warms many times over and isn't it lovely to have all this wood waiting for the fire pit?