Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

A beautiful day here in Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!   My yard is calling me by name - believe that or not!  But I have bookwork to do and continue on my crafting, and the yard is already raked, and it's too early to plant.  Altho, rhubarb is growing, and the trees are starting to bud.  
We are further behind in our growing season here in MN than my blogging friends out East, South & West!

 I was a good girl this morning and did take Odda on a mile walk after working with her off lead.  But she's not ready yet to do off lead for an outing down the road.    Did our walk early, and need to do that daily- we BOTH need the exercise.   Oh, I just hate to sweat or perspire!  And I don't have to exert my self much to be wringing wet.  I have ALWAYS been like that and I HATE it!  Even when I was thin.  (Hubby says, loose weight and you won't sweat as much!) Well, I am going to try to stick to it better and get daily walks in with Odda and Hooch.  No excuse - just do it - right?!?!

I have some new followers and I LOVE it!  Thanks everyone !   I also found out I have some followers that aren't bloggers.  That is great.   I love to hear what everyone thinks of what I'm making or doing. 

A few pictures of new pin cushions I made yesterday!

Isn't this little boot a cute pin cushion! 

A 1950 Lefton Cherub Bowl made a beautiful pin cushion.

Sakura China, Tango pattern cup & saucer.  Had two of these, so one has blue material and the other has green.

Made some other ones too.  Kept busy all day and evening as Steve was out of town, so I could have a mess and just leave it.  I did have it cleaned up by the time he got home at 1:30 am this morning.  You can tell by the pictures, which ones had sunlight coming in the window!  They're brighter.  Spose I could have fixed the photos, but too lazy for all that monkey business!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Rae said...

The pin cushions are so cute. You are very creative - I am jealous. My favorite is the boot.
I bet Odda enjoyed her walk even if you didn't. I understand that icky too hot, too sweaty feeling. I've been that way since I was a child. Weight doesn't have anything to do with it. Some people seem to have extra active perspiration and I sure wish I wasn't one of them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh these pin cushions are cute too! You are so talented! :)

Country Whispers said...

All of the pin cushions are great. I especially like the boot. Must be the kid in me!

~Tonya said...

Yup! It has been beautiful in our part of MN too and am loving it. I am seeing buds on trees and our tulips bloomed the other day. YAY!

I understand about the walking and sweating. LOL Tell hubby, even if you are thin, some still sweat just as bad. It depends on the person :)