Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dead meat treat!

Should have taken a picture of two happy dogs that found a deer carcass in our field next to the house!  Why do people shoot deer and leave them - Plus it's not hunting season yet!!!!  We've had this problem in the past, drive by thrill seakers shooting from their vehicles - are we out in the wild west?    NOT ! 
Heard shots the other night, so spose that is the result of those shots we heard. 
Anyway, both dogs were chewing on the same leg - one at each end.  Picture in your mind is enough, right?
So I coaxed them away, by shouting out  asking if they wanted to go for a ride!  Well - that worked.  They're happy dogs when they can go for a ride - even if it's around the section!  I had to go to town to get groceries, so happy dogs came with.  Hooch sits on the council next to me.  He likes to look important siting up high and looking at the traffic.  Odda is in back.  She's happy there.  We have a SUV, and bars to keep her in the back.  While we were grocery shopping, Steve gathered up the carcass and bone so they wouldn't have anymore dead deer treats.  When we got home, they went right to the spot the bone had been and sniffed around.  I did find a small bone later, and got rid of that too. 
It just makes my blood boil when people leave carcasses lay after hunting, and how when hunting season opens, we'll have other bones turn up on the front yard.  Guess we need to call the game warden and let him know that this is happening before season, so they can start patroling our area better.


Cyndi said...

My sister-and-brother-in-law have that exact same problem on their property. They have a 100 acre farm and a good bit of it is woods. They get illegal hunters all of the time - people just ignore the "Posted" signs. Their two dogs end up dragging a deer carcass home or eating on it in the woods, then come into the house and throw up all over the carpet! The bad thing is people are out there shooting in their woods and sometimes the bullets make it all the way up to the house!

Good luck with the game warden - hope they can do something about it!



P.S. When I want to distract Noah, all I have to do is say the words "wanna ride in the car" and it works like a charm! :o)

shannon i olson said...

My husband is a hunter and we just hate people that do things like that. No ethics or decency at all. There are always morons every year! Usually they are plain dangerous because if they will do that, they will also be very irresponsible in other ways.

Sharon said...

We have that same problem in our area. I hope that your game warden catches them. Most of the time they are shooting in the wee hours of morning when decent folks are home in bed. It is so sad.
Have a great weekend.


I used to duck hunt with my dad, there are alot of idiots out there that just shoot at anything that moves , like me, I was almost shot one year cause of stupidity the bullet just missed the side of my head ! thank god for bad aim ! Have a great weekend !

misslynda said...

I didn't realize it was your dogs at first and wondered how you got them into your car! haha to me. We do have some persons in this world that give the rest of us cause for concern. How did they get the deer carcass gone? That would have been quite heavy. Guess a truck or tractor hauling it might have come into play.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is illegal to shoot from the roadway..I hope they are caught..we don't need anyone shooting out here already..Hunting Season hasn't even started yet.
I can just see Hooch and Odda "sharing" must have been funny!
Bones come and go over here too..huge long legs..Chance loves them:)

Sybil said...

Sorry to read about the shooting..thankfully as we don;t have many guns here....well as opposed to the US....there is not quite so much illegal shooting though there is some. I think it is awful.. Gla dyou managed to get Odda and Hooch away bet they missed the bones on their return though !!
sorry for delay in commenting but I have been away for a few days to Norfolk the far east of England...
Love Sybil

Nezzy said...

I'm sayin'. We find them around here. Sometimes the 'rack' is gone or just a loin is removed. I hate it when Tiger the Wonder Dog finds a partial and wants to share his treasure with me! He's generous like that! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya and enjoy you spooky weekend!

BTW; I adore the Mother Daughter pic over at daughters place :o)