Monday, October 18, 2010

Renee now at 15 months

Seems like I've been busy, but not getting much newsworthly accomplished.  Cleaned up one of the out buildings that I keep all my gardening stuff, washed clothes, cleaned, fixin meals, etc.   Who cares about that?  I noticed that Jessica had pictures of Renee on her facebook, so I'll share a couple.  She is getting so big.  And I will also share pictures of her in her Halloween outfit when I get them.  I haven't heard that they got that package yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  It takes about 5 days for mail to get from here to there.
Lookin pretty steady on her feet.  Guess she walks a little now, but sounds like it's not a big deal for her, so sometimes still crawling!

I sure can't wait to hug her! 

Yesterday we were over at Leah's and Amanda was home.  She is a senior this year.  So grown up, and I don't get many hugs there any more!   Blake and his girl frient came over later in the afternoon.  He needed a haircut.  So we got that done, and then played a game of "Golf".  That was a nice visit too.  Dena is on a fall break so is home a couple of extra days.  Blake had to leave for his home as he needed to work today.  He lives about 3.5 hours south of us.

Jessica's volleyball team at Catholic High in New Iberia, LA  is doing really well.  They are rated #1 statewide in Louisiana for 2A schools.  They have won 30 and lost 3, and have two games this week and another tournement on this next weekend.  Jessica says they are really playing well together!   That speaks for itself, with all those wins, they have to be playing as a "team".  Great job Jess and girls!


misslynda said...

I'd be wanting a hug, too. She is adorable!!!Thanks for sharing your family's good news.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well It is probably a good thing Renee lives so far away..we would all have her spoiled rotten..that last photo is just too cute! :)

Jennifer said...

She really looks like her mom! Sometimes we don't have to really say anything when we blog, if it is important to you -- we will listen.

Darcie said...

I agree...get all the hugs from the little ones that you can. She looks like you could just hug and never let go. :-)