Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trip to Steph's

Last weekend, the dogs and I went to see Cullen and Stephani in southern Minnesota.  They live 8 miles south of Pipestone, MN.  The dogs were so excited to go that they almost mowed me down to get into the back of the car before I could even get the door open!   Happy Dogs!!!!!
Then I got a blanket on the passenger front seat, because as soon as I close the door, Hooch crawls through or under the guard to get up front!  So he sits there the whole ride while Odda is content in the back.  Looks like I need to tighten up the dog guard, as it is moved and the bars are crooked.  It sure does the trick tho.  Easy to install or remove, and I don't have to worry about Odda.

Left Thursday afternoon and got there about 7:30 pm.  They were just finishing up with their chores, and we went out for pizza at Dar's in Pipestone.    Steph took Friday off and after she did chores, we went to Sioux Falls to a big craft show.  It wasn't as good as last year - I didn't see anything new that said "buy me"!   All I got was a Lotion Bar for Steve and his itchy skin and a hot/cold neck pack made with of cherry pits.  Put it in the microwave for two minutes, or can use cold for sore muscles.  The lotion bar is made out of shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax and coconut oil.   Koelzer Bee Farm from Corning Kansas makes and sells it.  I think I'll try it too.  There was one booth that was selling childrens clothing - coats and hats made out of polar fleece in solid color pinks with black trim collars and cuffs, and hats to match.  They were so cute, but the jackets were $46.00 and higher and the hats $16.00.  I wanted to buy Renee one, but a little voice in my head told me "No - you can make that!"  So now, I may try to do so.  It won't be hard.  They weren't lined, and there just had snaps instead of buttons and button holes.  That booth was really busy.  A lot of Grandmas buying for grandchildren!  After we left there, we went to several 2nd hand stores and then to Sams and Michael's.  Later we met Cullen and had steaks for supper.  A very good supper at Texas Roadhouse.

Steph and Cullen

Hooch helping Steph do chores!

Looking out Stephs driveway to the north.  See the wind mill - there are three new ones that have been installed since this spring.  This area has many wind mills, as this Buffalo Ridge area is a glacier deposited ridge that runs diagonally across the state of Minnesota.  There are now over 1200 wind mills in the state of MN with 800 just in the Pipestone area.  Wind energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world today.  I know there is an area in northern Minnesota that is putting up many wind mills too.  In 2007, then Governor Tim Pawlenty signed into law a renewable energy requirement that 25% of the electricity produced by state utilities is to come from renewable resources by the year 2025.  In the Pipestone area, the wind turbines each produce about 2,000,000 kilowatt hours per year, enough energy to power as many as 500 typical homes at 12,000 kwh per year.  The land is leased from local farmers, and each unit takes up roughly 1/3 of an acre for the euipment and access road.  The farmer receives a percentage of the revenue from the sale of electricity from each turbine.  Minnesota is noted to be the ninth windiest statem, so there are wind mills going up all over other states as well. 

On my way home - lots of wind mills!

Stephs house

Now the dogs and I are home again.  The dogs were glad to come home.  Like always, it's nice to go somewhere, but always nice to get home again!
Will have to show you soon what I've been busy working on here at home.
Have a great day!


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Sorry seems the comment didnt take the first time !Sounds like you had a wonderful day ! We also have hundreds of wind mills near us , they are huge I will have to get a photo of the field thats full of them ! Your fur babys are cute ! Is Odda a Berneses mountain dog ! I love that breed! they are the cousin to the Saint Bernard ! Have a great day

gayle said...

Love love Steph's house!! Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Steph's house is gorgeous. The dogs looked so cute in your car. I'm glad they enjoy riding; I know they are a lot of company to you on long drives. Eager to learn what you are up to now. Have a great evening.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the trip to Stephs..her house is just perfect..and I love her cowgirl. Very interesting about the windmills! :)

Sharon said...

We have a lot of Wind Turbines going up here also.
My DIL's father has leased a lot of his pasture ground out for them.
Thanks for the trip and glad that you are home safe.
Sorry to hear about the sales in SF. My SIL goes there each yr also.

misslynda said...

I LOVE her house. It reminds me of my grandparents' home in upstate NY. Isn't it fun to be with our family? We used to travel with two medium-sized dogs (when they were this side of heaven). They didn't care where we went as long as they got to go, too.