Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gooseberry Falls!

Already posted on the light house, but here is more on our weekend trip:

Living in Minnesota most of my life and having to say I'd never been up the North Shore of Lake Superior was embarassing to say the least!  In fact hubby had not been there either.  I used to work many weeks in Duluth in the late 80's, but that was work at our home office and no daylight hours off to tour the north shore.  Well, we finally made it north!   We left home on Friday, hoping to see alot of beautiful leaf colors.  We are 3.5 hrs west of Duluth, and it was a nice drive, but as we got closer to Duluth we ran into light rain!  There was no rain in the forecast for the weekend -  Go away rain! 
Our first stop was to check out the winter time sliding hill near Walker MN, called Shingobee Hill in the Chippewa National Forest.  We're standing at the top of the hill, looking out - not down!  It is a really steep hill.  Aren't the colors pretty, however, you can see some bare trees, where the Poplar or Aspen leaves are already done.
It was a beautiful day driving on Friday, and as we got closer to Duluth, we could see they were having rainy weather.
Stopped to take a couple of pictures of Lake Superior, and then things started to clear up.

Looking back toward Duluth from the roadside area where I was taking pictures.  The famous lift bridge at Canal Park.

Sun over Lake Superior on Saturday morning. 
We stayed with Germ and Sue (Steve's brother and wife) in their camper.  There were 8 of us there.  Steve's two sisters and husbands each had campers there too.  They all go camping several times together during the summer and this fall outing they have done together the last few years.  So we were the only ones that had not been this far north before. 

                             Saturday outing was to Split Rock Light House and Gooseberry Falls.

I'll have to do another post with more pictures.  I've had trouble all day pulling pictures over.  Things lock up.  Don't know if it my computer or the blog system.   So will do more later.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Beautiful - I love that area!

Jane said...

You take such wonderful pictures. I love the North Shore. But I've never been to Gooseberry Falls. All my kids have, though

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a treat for me to see these beautiful pictures! John is from MI and remembers visiting Lake Superior. Thanks for sharing your trip - it sounds like a lot of fun.

misslynda said...

I was glad to see some fall colors since our leaves are just dying and dropping and brown.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh Jo..these are such pretty photos! I am very jealous of the rainbow over the water!! It sounds like a good time, I am glad that you got to go! :)