Monday, May 9, 2011

Amish Quilts

Saturday I drove up north to an annual Amish Community Auction.  My first time to one of their sales, but I plan to go again next year.  They also have an auction on Labor Day weekend, but we'll be in Omaha for a family wedding, so unable to attend that one.  There was all kinds of wagons full of stuff outside, and inside a huge tent was the furniture, quilts, baskets, rugs, veggies, canned goods, flowers, and lots of other stuff.  The auction started at 9:30 am, and went until dark.  I can't believe they got done with everything, as I left about 3 pm. 
I bought some jellies.  They sold them off one jar at a time, and I got  some chokecherry, blueberry, strawberry, wild plum-raspberry, orange-rhubarband some applebutter.  Steve opened the chokecherry first, and loves it.  Says it is just like the chokecherry his mom used to make.  So he is pleased with what I got.  I also got a basket.  It is supposed to be used for groceries, but I'm going to put my magazines in it.  It is out in the garage yet, because of the wood stain smell.  They must have been made recently, because the smell is so strong.  Here are some pictures of some of the quilts that sold when I was there.  There were so many more to be sold.  I think they were going very resonable.  The system they had was good.  The quilts were all numbered, and after you got the last bid, they took the quilt back to the rack and the ladies put it in a plastic bag, with your bidder number on it.  Then after you paid for your quilt, and showed them the receipt, they gave you the quilt.  This way, the bidder didn't have to hold the quilt throughout the sale, with a chance of it getting dirty.

From the chair I was sitting in, looking over the platform they brought everything up to sell, we see a pile of rugs to be sold, and how the quilts are hanging.  There were 286 quilts there!!!!  So much work and time put into them.  The tent was yellow and white, so it the light filtering in made the colors somewhat dull.
This is one of the quilt tops 100" x 112"  that sold.  It went for $180.00.   

Another quilt top 53" x 53" that went for $65.00.  
This 90" x 108" finished quilt went for $165.00.  All the bright colors framed by black are so pretty.

This Texas LoneStar quilt was finished and measured 97" x 107".  It sold for $280.00.
There were some table toppers and wall hangings that were just the tops that went for 10.00.  I could hardly believe that.  Some very good buys. 
There was furniture, and here is a picture of a hickory bedroom set.  It is beautiful!

I left before the sale ended, but the next one I go to, I'll stay til the end.  Think I'll start saving some money too.  I would have liked to have bought some outdoor furniture.  So after having been to my first Amish Auction, I'll be ready to go again! 
Sunday for Mother's Day, hubby took me and our daughter Leah and Steven out for brunch.  The other two girls missed out because they don't live here.   Wish we were all closer.  My sister and hubby went to southern MN to be with our middle daughter Stephani and Cullen.  They had a horse show on Sunday, but it got rained out.   It is rainy here today, but now later in the day it's quit.  I'd like a few days for sunshine.  Need to get out into the yard to work on flower garden and get ready to mow for the first time.
I went to the chiropractor again today.  He adjusted me last week, and again today.  I needed adjustment on my neck, mid back and tailbone area.  Now feel great again!!!!!!!!   I can turn my head again without the grind of sand (arthritis), and stand without hurting!
Have a great week!
Hope you all have a great week. 



Anonymous said...

I wish I could have attended the show with you. Beautiful quilts and the furniture is just extraordinary! I know you'll enjoy the basket once it airs out. I recently had mama's china cabinet refinished and I am so tired of smelling the stain!!!
That jelly sounds delicious. Glad your chiro. has you feeling better. What I would not give to turn my neck freely!!!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow those quilts are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your basket..I wonder if there are more of these auctions around since we have more Amish now. I will have to ask around. Sounds like fun..and I am glad you are feeling better:)

Country Gal said...

They are wonderful.
We have a lot of Amish here. I love their work and crafts . Papa had his work shop built by the Amish and we have a Amish friend Simon they are wonderful people.
Awesome photos. Have a great day !

Country Whispers said...

Wow, I wish I lived closer! That auction sounds awesome and those prices are fantastic.

Lynda said...

So where does the money from the auction go? Back to individuals or to the community? Sounds like a fun day amidst some beautiful homemade products.
Yes, it is nice to go and get 'unkinked' at the chiropractor.

West Side of Straight said...

Miss Lynda - they announced that there would be no sales tax, as the money was for their school. So that was great for all, and especially those buyers with big dollar items they bought!

Buttercup said...

I'd like to be there, too. I'm not sure I could pick. All of the quilting looks beautiful. I think I need to find an Amish auction closer to me and save my pennies, too.

Sharon said...

Those quilts are just beautiful.
We have Amish here and they have a store in town that they sell their furniture and quilts and jams in. It is just so beautiful made.
glad that you had a great time.

gayle said...

I have 2 that I bought and I love them!! Beautiful pictures!

Sybil said...

what a wondeful day you had at the Amish sale.. These quilts are just the most gorgeous.and the cost is unbelieveable over here in the UK they would cost 3/4 times as much. we have a beautiful AMerican Museum here in Bath and they have a huge room full of the most wonderful quilts I can sit there for housr gazing at them. I have mad three or four but NOTHING to compare with them or the wonderful ones you saw. I woudl just love to be able to go to an Amish sale...Hope your weather has now settled down and you are able to get out into the garden. I had a friend vsist last week and she got the hanging baskets and window boxes done.
Sending love for a lovely week,
Sybil xxx