Monday, May 16, 2011

Christmast Present Now Up

 Sunday Steve got out the present we got from daughter Leah and Steven.  We love it.  It is now installed on our new garage.
Pigs, because we raise Duroc  hogs, selling breeding stock, show pigs and butchers to a lot of people.
Steve was a little boy in Nebraska when his dad started raising hogs, and their family moved to Minnesota in 1953 and there has been hogs on this farm since.  They had milk cows when they first came here alongwith milk cows; and  have had sheep and beef throughout the years too, but for many years just hogs.  So he is real tickled the kids got that for us.  The windmill is a picture of our windmill that Leah took.

I thought I was going to also show a view of the whole front.  We have two doors, and the sign is between.  But I see that I failed to get that picutre.   Opps!

Hooch and Odda this afternoon after getting home from the groomers!   Nice to have clean dogs after a long winter.
We're having a beautiful day here today.  I need to get outside and get something done.   Hope our week stays nice.  Prayers going out to all the people that are and will be affected by flooding in Louisiana.  Hope that the levies don't fail.  Have a great week!


Country Gal said...

I love the sign its cute ! Pups are looking good, hope they feel better now ! Yes , I hope all the people in both Louisiana and the east coast of Canada are able to save their homes from all the terrible flooding ! Hope you have a great week with nice weather !

Anonymous said...

Love the sign! Good to see the puppies too. Wishing you a great week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Odda is shiny again! I love your sign and I think you picked a perfect spot for it! :)

Sybil said...

What a wondeful thoughtful present and it look so good hung up. The Hooch and Odda ar eboth looking good. Prayers from over here for those affected by the dreadful flooding..Thankfully we are still having good weather. Although the risk of drought is rising by the rainless day. The farmers are all pretty stressed out aound the West Country.
Love SYbil xx