Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All Women!

Wishing you all a Happy Day today on Mother's Day!  Even if you're not a mother to children, I bet you've been a great Auntie, or mother to wonderful pets, or husbands or boy friends (they can be pretty big babies)!  Some way or some how, we've all mothered!  I truely believe that.     Our day started out cloudy, and oldest daughter and hubby and Steve and I went out for brunch this morning.  The food was great and we all filled our tummies!  The ride home was nice ~ Steve drove like a Grandpa!  45 mph on a busy highway, and he quickly figured out that he was going too slow when cars came up fast and had to slow down.  We all laughed!  Gosh, we're now the old folks!   Our conversation at the table was also about how everything is changing!  We're still stuck on our first phones we got after the "bag phone" went bye-bye!  Things are changing so fast around us every day!  We don't text; have ipods, iphones or droids; and we haven't rented a movie from a vending machine!  We don't have a lap top at our house either.  We figured we're doing pretty good to have high speed internet and cable TV when we live 15 miles out in the country!I've forgotten how to use our VCR player (it probably doesn't even work any more), and I have to learn each time how to do the DVD player!  Electronics are passing us by!!!!!!!!!!!!
On another update note:  Odda (our Bernese Mt Dog) is improving from her Lime and Anaplasmosis Disease.  Still sleeps a lot, but she does run and play now.  Took Hooch into the vet last week, and he too has Anaplasmosis.  He is on the same meds as Odda, so I now mix canned dog food  with their dry food.  I push their pills into the wet food to hide, and it has worked real well.  Hooch  is very sore in his hind joints and spine, and real shakey.  At first Steve and I thought it was from him getting older, but decided after Odda had two tick related illnesses, that we should have Hooch checked also.  Darn Ticks, what are they good for?   Hooch is 10 years old, and lots of Jack Russels live to be 17-18 years old.  His shakeness seems to be a little better.  He is a great dog; funny, because as soon as he feels a "little" better, he is up running around.  Today for awhile was real normal, with the dogs chasing each other.

Friday, Leah and I went to Fargo to shop for graduation party supplies, but we went early, and went to an area in town that advertized 60 sales in one close area for Saturday, but many were open on Friday.  That was great fun.  Still a lot of people going, but not as many as was there on Saturday.  I got a youth bed for Renee for $25 dollars, from another Grandma, so it hadn't been used much.  I also got a car seat just like the one the kids have, so now they won't need to bring theirs with them when they fly.   They will be here again in July.  Leah found some glassware that she'll be using for her table center pieces, a cute clock and some other stuff.  We had the SUV full, especially after getting our groceries and stuff at Sam's club.  We were wishing we'd brought the truck, but I wouldn't have liked rummage saleing with that big thing and the traffic in that neighborhood!   It sure is fun to spend a day like that with your daughter - thanks Leah!    I'll have to do that the next time I go to Steph's and Jessica's.  They like to go to rummage sales and thrift stores too. It's always fun to get a bargin!

Hope you all a having a good day!


Country Gal said...

AWW poor babies ! I hope they both get better fast. Happy Mothers day to you to !

Lynda said...

I am so happy you gave the update on Odda because I was wondering yesterday. So sorry that Hooch decided to join on that bandwagon, too. I guess ticks are only good for food somewhere on that chain of life.

Good deals for you on the rummage sales!!! It sounds like you have had a fun weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Mothers Day Jo! Hope you had a great day! What fun to go to all the sales!! :)

Darcie said...

Good to check in on you again! Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day!!! As for those electronics...ugh...I can't keep up anymore either. It's always whats next.