Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick Odda!

Took Odda to the vet today.  She tested positive for Lime disease and Anaplasmosis.  She is now on doxycycline medicine and a pain med, and after the doxy is done, she'll be on Amoxicillin.  I also bought some canned dog food, as she hasn't eaten and has lost 7 lbs.  Poor dog ~ I feel so bad for her.  I needed to have her eat some dog food so we could get the pills into her, and it's easier to hide the pills in with wet dog food.  If she figures that out, I'll have to get the pills into her by putting them way on the back of her tongue, holding her head up and getting her to swallow.  The doctor said she should be feeling better soon and if she isn't getting around better in a couple of days, to get back to them.   She ate the canned dog food good after we got home.  Tomorrow I'll mix the wet food with her dry food, so she won't hate it so bad when the canned food is all gone!  Her temp was 104.5 F, so she was very feverish.  Anything over 102  is high. To get her into the SUV was something.  I had to lift her into the car and out again.   She is a heavy dog when all dead weight.  You can tell she hurts as it takes awhile to get up from laying down and sitting down.
The vet suggest that since this area is so bad for tick borne diseases, that along with the monthly use of Frontline, we should also use a tick/flea collar and daily or each time they go outside to also spray or wipe repellant daily around their neck, head and top of head area where Frontline doesn't get too.  So now we'll be doing that for both dogs, and we'll be watching Hooch closely too, to make sure we catch it quick if he starts to show any symptoms.  They are:  lameness; fever; swollen, very painful joints; loss of appetite; can have kidney failure; vomiting and diarrhea.
Friend Connie and Gene have gone through this with Chance last fall.  He has recovered nicely, so I think that Odda will too.

So that's the update on Odda ~ I'll keep you posted to how she is doing.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about all of this for Odda. It hurts us to see our pets suffering. It's a shame that your area is so bad for the ticks. I remember Chance going through this also. I hope the meds begin to make Odda feel much better soon. Thank you for taking the time to update us. Wishing you all a much better weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

So glad you got her to the Vet..she will be just fine and be more perky everyday with the medication..damn ticks:(

Feelin' the wind! said...

Wish I could give her a big bear hug

Country Gal said...

Poor girl , give her hugs from us and our Miggy. Hope she gets better fast !
Love your new blog look !

Lynda said...

Poor Puppy! I, too, remember Chance's experience with this and he is doing great. We will pray Odda will, too. It was a good sign that the dog food was eaten. Loss of appetite in an animal is difficult to cure.
It is difficult to find every tick on an animal because some ticks are so small.
Thanks for updating us. Please continue to keep us posted on your sweet pet.

Cyndi said...

Oh, poor Odda! I am so sorry to hear that she isn't feeling well and has to be dealing with this. I just HATE ticks! Noah spent the Easter weekend at my sister-in-law's farm while I was in Chicago. I had put his Frontline on him before he went, but he came back home with a tick anyway! Luckily it was only one and was dying, but still.... I hope that Odda will be feeling much better soon and that Hooch won't have the same problem!



Jennifer said...

Goodness, I was reconsidering bringing the dogs to visit Chance... but I think they will have to stay home. I hope she feels better soon.

Sharon said...

I am glad to hear that she is doing better.
I worry so much about ticks also.
Have you tried a soft chewy treat and put the pill in it? Our vet gave us some pill pockets for Maxwell's med's.
Thanks for the update.

Sybil said...

Poor wee thing. Our pets are such friens that it is hard to see them suffer, Lets hope by now Odda is lots better,,, sorry I havn't been commenting however I didn't get notice that you had came by to see what was up as I realised it seemed a long time..
Love Sybil xx