Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home again!

Got home late yesterday afternoon.  Still tired, but need to post some pictures for you.  I tried when I was at Jessica's, but they recently purchased a new computer, and it wasn't working for me at all!  They don't do their emails on it anymore (use their phones), so they don't have Microsoft Outlook, and that really made it rough.  Couldn't even send pictures out after downloading them.  Well, I could, but they ended up really big, and I couldn't downsize them easily, like before.  So rather than screw up things, I decided to wait until I got home!
My sister and hubby had sent a gift card for Easter, so it was spent on a new little outdoor castle slide.  Renee loves it, and it is easily moved inside to play on too.  Just the right size for her. 


Easter Morning, Renee picked up the Bunny tracks the Easter Bunny left, so she could find her Easter Basket.  The Bunny came in the front door, leaving tracks from there to her bedroom, and then back to where he hid the basket!  When she got up her eyes got big, and she followed and picked up all the foot prints right up to the basket.  It was so cute!

Then she carried her Easter Basket with her everywhere she went. 

She finally figured it out to put the basket on the landing first.  It took a couple of times with her trying to climb up holding the basket handle and everything just getting in the way!  It's amazine how these little ones figure things out so quickly.
More pictures tomorrow.  Now home to nice cool weather.  It was too hot there for me!  Flying yesterday over some nasty weather.  The plane ride was pretty bumpy.
Came home to a sick dog.  Odda hasn't eaten for 3 days.  Real lethargic, so called the vet and taking her in tomorrow.  I fed her today with some drippings over the dog food, which she usually gobbles down, and she didn't, so she just isn't feeling good.  They're going to test her for limes disease.  I think she also may have some female problem thing going on too.  Will let you know about the vet visit too.  This weekend is our annual pig sale for show pigs, so busy getting my clerking stuff ready.
It was nice to go visit Renee and Jessica and Floyd, but it is nice also to get back home and back into a routine!  We'll see them again in July when they come home for a week.
Have a great day!


Rae said...

Renee is really growing and so pretty. Looks like she had a great time at Easter. I am glad you had a good time and are back safe.
I hope Odda is okay. Her symptoms sound kind of like what Chance had last year. Poor girl. I hope she is on the mend soon. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful you had a safe trip home. The weather was bad many places yesterday. Renee is growing and changing and must be such a joy to watch. She is so pretty! Hoping that Odda gets better very soon. Keep us posted.

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that you made it home safe. The weather seems to be really nasty in areas of the country.
Renee is such a little doll and I love that EB left his footprints. Clever idea!!!
Hope that Odda is ok and back to eating.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Jo, I hope Odda gets all better soon...if it is one of the tick diseases then she will turn around real fast with medication. I am glad you are home, the pictures of Renee are really cute. Look at all that hair! Hope you have a good weekend:)

Lynda said...

That granddaughter is adorable and beautiful.
I had not heard of doing bunny tracks to lead to the basket. That is a very cute idea. We have done footprints (traced a shoe) to mark a coworkers path from the outside door to her desk when she turns something significant like 40 - - or more!
Yes, please do update us on Odda. Hope she gets well quickly.