Saturday, April 2, 2011

Open House!

This morning we went to the Lions Pancake Feed and Open House for the new Fire Hall and Community Center in our little town of Osage.  They also had nurses and helpers to check your eyes, take your blood pressure and prick your finger to check your blood sugar.  We did it all - and we checked out fine.  My one eye tested a little high for pressure, but I have my checkup this next week, so will show the doctor what this result was.  There also was a lady there giving you a 5 - 10 minute free reflexology treatment on your ears!  Works wonderful.  It hurt, but really did help my sore neck, and sinsuses.  I think I'll make an appointment with her for the hour treatment for hand, feet and ears.  My left ear really hurt when she was rubbing them.  It almost felt like she was milking them, (don't know really how that feels, but it felt like she was pinching and pulling pretty good on them!!!)   Oh can you imagine that sight!  Milking of the ears!    (dah - stupid humor!!!)
I don't think Steve sat there for that, but there was a line up; so she was pretty popular!

I then went outside to watch the firemen show off some of their equipment.  They already had done a pretty good job of cutting up a car - demonstrating the the "Jaws of Life", and other saws, etc.
Here you see them trying to start a rotating saw. 
The dashboard in this picture is in place. The drivers side area, the guys are putting in something that will work like a jack, and the next picture they will be using the "jaws" to expand the dashboard on the passenger side.
I am so thankful that these men and women volunteer their time to help all of us in this wonderful area that we live.  Without their dedication to we wouldn't have the quick time response to fire calls or accidents in this area.  Late nights they leave their families snuggled in bed to go fight grass fires that some people have carelessly set on purpose (we have a problem with that in this area), house fires, and to help assist law officers at vehicle accidents in the area.  We have had some bad accidents in this area with loss of life and that is very hard for the Firemen and First Responders to deal with.  Hubby Steve was part of the fire department for 23 years.  He was with the group that started this Volunteer Department, and is now retired from it;  and the group is still growing.  Now there are two fire halls and a wider area to be of service for.  A lot of time is given by this great group of men and women.  Across the country there are a lot of volunteer fire departments - Thank you to all of the volunteers!

Today has been a great sunny warm day - no jacket today weather!  But we are supposed to get rain tonight - possibly turning into snow!   You'd think having several inches on April 1st would be the end.  We'll see!!!!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Lynda said...

We had a pancake breakfast in town today but think it was for Kiwanis. You were treated pretty special with all the extras. Ours is generally limited to food only. Very informative update. Thanks!

Rae said...

We depend on our volunteer firefighters too. We really owe them a debt of gratitude. My son was a volunteer and he is also a paramedic so I know how hard they work.
That reflexology stuff sounds really different. I'm not sure I would like anyone touching my ears like that.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Looks like an interesting and fun day - we have been without telephone / internet etc since late Friday night -

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great bunch of guys..they do an awesome job. I thought it was great of the Lions to have all the screenings..we passed too..but missed the reflexology lady..although I am not sure I would like having my ears milked:)

Anonymous said...

An Amen to your praising the men and women who volunteer to be firefighters/first responders, they are the best!
It was a fun day at the pancake feed, and the other stuff they had going on. I enjoyed the ear reflexology!
Phyl P.

gayle said...

My son in law was a volunteer fairfighter before he became full time. My brother works a full time job as a dispatcher and is also a volunteer fireman. All my grandson talks about is how he's going to be a fireman too! I am thankful for all of our volunteers. They do miss out on some family things but they love what they do. Glad you had a good time!

Sharon said...

Yes we need to be so thankful for the small town volunteers. We have been having a lot of grass fires in the area and do put their lives on the line.
It sounds like a wonderful day. I am not sure about the ear pulling thing however.