Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Otta Here on Sunday!

Sunday I'm on my way to Louisiana to visit daughter Jessican, SIL Floyd and Renee!   Whoopee!!!!
Floyd will be going back off shore next Wednesday am, the 20th, and Jessica will be goin to a conference for a couple of days to New Orleans.  I will get to babysit Renee and have her all to myself!  How lucky am I?
Just got off the video cam.  Renee calls me Gama!  cute!  Steve is Gampa!  Pretty good.  The other grandma is called mama, but not said like mama, it's maMa.  Stronger emphasis on the second ma.  I still don't have all the nicknames,  and terms figured out for everybody down there.  Here we didn't use nicknames for everything, so it gets confusing.  It's like I'm going to a different country!  Well, not really, but things are done a lot differently in Louisiana.  I guess that is why it is so unique there.
Here are some new pictures Jessica took:

love this one.  um, wonder how I can make it bigger.  Tried, but gets a little fuzzy.  She must have taken it with her phone.

Renee last night after her bath.  Jessica braided her hair and she sat there real good for her.  I can't wait until I get there and can fuss with her hair.  I used to braid Jess's hair real fancy.  When Jessica was going to Kindergarten, she sat on her hair, and then we cut it for 1st grade and she wore it short for a few years.
But it was fun to fix my daughters hair when they were little. 
This one must have been taken with her phone too.

We are getting that wet snow here.  The ground is covered, and I suppose the roads are getting slippery.  Haven't been anywhere to see, and think I'll stay home.  Steve went to an auction today to get a header for his combine.  He had to go about 200 miles, into North Dakota, up by the Canadian border by Cavalier North Dakota.  Guess they were getting dumped on with a lot of snow! 
Come on Spring!  Quit fussin and just get nice out!
Try to have a good weekend everyone!


Country Gal said...

Oh how wonderful for you! With our family's it is either Nana or Nanny or grandma, grandpa, grampy or Papa . Between hubby and I he calls me Mama and I call him Papa kind of a old fashioned country thing between husband and wife lol. Hope you have a great time with that sweet little grand baby !

Lynda said...

Cuddles and more cuddling is what I see for you when you show us that adorable little girl. And some of the best news is you will get out of the snow and maybe spring will have sprung when you are gone! We will be excited to hear about the great time you are going to have next week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Travel safely..our roads were terrible for the evening trip to Jens..lots of snow here and ice..and the roads are slippery. A number of accidents on Hwy 2. You will have a blast with Renee:)