Monday, April 11, 2011

New Momma and Baby

 We have a new addition to the farm.  A new momma  Red Angus cow and a 3 week old heifer.  Steve got them yesterday and brought them home to a muddy yard.  It rained here all day and it was so nasty, that I stayed home when he went to get them, but had to get dressed up to go out and help unload and get them settled in.  Took pictures this morning, and they are both dry and fine in their little pen.  We'll leave them there a few more days before moving them.  Momma is 3 years old and so calm.  She isn't afraid of us or the dogs.

Momma was chewing on that hay - I tried chewing it, but this is MUCH better!

So cuddly and soft.  Now to think of new names!

Last years calf and his momma.  Call him "Curly"- he has really grown!

Now after the rain we had yesterday, things will green up fast.  We didn't have our rain gauge up yet, so don't know how much rain we got.  Sure was a nasty, cool, wet day!    Glad the sun is out today.
The neighbors are coming over to see baby pigs today.  Will get pictures later of them.
Have a great day!!!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Ahhh Steak! You are getting quite a herd! The new baby is really cute..names lets see..Ribeye comes to mind:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Calf baby is pretty darn cute!

Jane said...

I miss having new babies on the farm. It was such fun to watch them and to name them. We had a "curly", too also "Dork" for obvious reasons

Rae said...

They are both cute. I could get attached to both of them and easily make them pets. Leave it to Far Side to think of meat on the hoof and want to call one of them Ribeye. Don't trust her Jo - I think she wants to fill her freezer:)

Sharon said...

Those are sure cute. They are so cute when they are babies.
have a nice day.

Cyndi said...

What beautiful animals! That little calf has the sweetest face. I love the photo of him nursing. So sweet! Good luck with the naming...I have a hard time trying to think up names for my cats and dogs! :o)



Country Gal said...

SOO CUTE ! we had two of our cattle on the farm named steak and hamburger lol when I was kid.
I love the faces of Heifers! Great photos , have a wonderful day !

Lynda said...

They are beautiful! I didn't know Angus were ever red. Grandpa just had black Angus. They have a more intelligent look than plain ole cows, don't they?!! That calf looks so soft - - - - huggable soft.

Loretta said...

Oh, they are tooo cute! Your photos are so vivid! You have to be proud of them. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Luv-Loretta