Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Vet Check

Waiting at the Vet office for their turn to see Dr. Gretchen!  They don't look too happy do they?
However, they love coming here.   Weighed the dogs; Odda weighs 85 lbs and Hooch 24 lbs.  Had my hands full, so didn't get pictures of that, and then when they got their shots, I was sitting there and visiting, forgetting to take more pictures.  I thought that Odda might weigh a little more, because she feels like it when she leans on you.  She is a leaner!  I have to work with her when she is sitting next to me so she doesn't move so close and start leaning on me.   She just loves to be close enough to touch you!

Patty giving Odda hugs!  Tail just a waggin!  Hooch checking out the treats.
After they got their shots and Frontline Tick boxes and Heartguard boxes, and Hooch some stuff for daily treats that will help his arthritis.   
When we left, I 'd also bought each dog a "Greenie" treat.  I had grocery shopping to do and another stop, so they ate their treats and waited for me.  Well, it wasn't long after we got home and Odda threw up her Greenie.  I think this was the first Greenie I'd gotten for the dogs.  Lesson learned, probably should have waited until we were home to give them this treat.   We haven't done Greenies or raw hides because I've always have worried about too big of chunks being swallowed.  So this morning I'm boiling up three big soup bones.  If I give the bones and all the stuff still on the bones, they get sick  too.  Just too rich for them. 

-cooling off the bones before giving to the dogs-
I could even save the drippings to pour a little over dog food if I really want to spoil them!

Bought a package of 3 soup bones at the grocery store.  They have a freezer end full of big bones for people like me that use them for their dogs!  My brother in law that works there, gets really big bones for his dogs.  Of course, he gets first pick!!!!  This works better cleaning their teeth than raw hide - the only thing I have to do later is pick them up before mowing.  Odda tends to hide her bones - gone forever!!!  She buries them somewhere.  We watch her chew for a day on her bone, and then off she goes to hide it from Hooch!  I only due this every couple of months, so it's not something they get real often.  
I do give them a daily treat of a large dog biscuit.  Odda chows hers down right away, and Hooch sits and looks at his awhile before eating.  
Hooch has been shaking noticeably this spring, and when the doctor checked him out, we found out that he has arthritis in his spine and back hip and knee joints.  She said his joints are hot - so he is hurting.  I feel so bad for him.  But it isn't slowing him down.  He still runs all over and is real active, it's just that when he sits down you notice it and when he's with me up on the couch.  So now we will be giving him Glucosamine soft chews daily.  So he'll get his soft chew in the afternoon as a treat.  This Glucosamine HCI has MSM  and other vitamins etc in it.  Of course when I came home and told Steve, he said he would have shared his Glucosamine pills with Hooch -  (anything to save a buck!)   A chew is a lot easier to have a pet take than a pill!  Maybe when Steve runs out of his pills, he'll be able to eat a chew!!!  hee! hee!

Daughter Leah and Steven's new Mustang (pony) that they got.  Amanda and boyfriend are in back - this picture taken Sunday evening, but they drove over again last night.  Yesterday was Steven's Birthday!  Mid forties! - Wish I was there again!  Such a cute car and what fun they'll have this summer! 
Here the dogs are enjoying their treat!!!!
So Good!

A nice bright (cool) day here.  We are in line for more snow tomorrow!  Yuk!  Hope it doesn't happen.
Our neighbors to the West (Fargo, ND) and North of us are flooding badly.  They need relief - not more snow!
Have a great day!


Sharon said...

Maxwell had a spine injury and the vet put him on a vitamin that has Glucosamine also.
We also give him the greenies.
Love the car and Happy Birthday to
We are to get snow and high winds here also plus really cold temps again!!!Blah

Mildred said...

Odda and Hooch are cute as can be with their bones! Odda is just a big ol' baby wanting to sit so close. I hope the new chews will help Hooch.
Belated Birthday wishes to Steve and what a pretty car to ride around in.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Rae said...

I've heard good things about glucosamine use in dogs. I hope Hooch gets some benefit from it.

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear of poor Hooch .
Odda and Hooch are cute, Our Miggy does the same as Odda loves to lean on you and always has to be close , she suffers from separation anxiaty thats also why she does it. I love the new car Happy B-day mid forty's eh! same here . Have a good day !

Lynda said...

Isn't it amazing how long Mustangs have been popular? I remember dating a guy in 1970 who had one. The style has not changed that much.
I was at the vet again today for meds for the other old cat. Frontline was being sold to many. It's that time of year!