Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring ~ It's slow to get here!

 What a late spring this year.  Now we're mowing, but the trees are so slow to get their leaves, and some of my trees are now in flower.  The lilacs aren't blooming because we had frost so late and it nipped the buds so badly.  They look terrible.
So pretty, now it just needs to warm up.
Last night we had light frost, so I still haven't put out any annuals yet.  The only thing growing is the rhubarb.

It's huge!  I need to pick some of those big ones and get rid of them, and start pulling the good stock. Will be making some Rhubarb Cobbler - and then some strawberry-rhubarb jelly.  Don't know when I'm going to squeeze it in, we'll be having a lot of company for granddaughters graduation.  Daughter Steph, hubby  and her 4 dogs are coming for graduation.  Odda will be happy ~ she's kind of lonely.  Health wise, she is doing fine.  Still on her meds.  Looks like we have a couple weeks left and then I'm going to take her in for a recheck to make sure that the meds did their job.
Here is a picture of one of my bushes that didn't do well through the winter. 

I have two bushes looking like this - looks bad, and that brown never turns green again, and when you cut it out, it looks terrible.  Easier to just replace them.  Then there also was another bush that is bad too, but guess I didn't get a picture of that one.  I'm not sure if too much snow caused this or if somehow the reflection from the heat of the house caused it.  Like a sunburn.  

Had company last weekend and also will be getting more fishing relatives coming next week.  So have been busy, and will be busy.  That and just trying to get some things done have kept me away from computer projects.  Hope you all have a great Memorial weekend.  Remember our military!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, I've never tasted rhubarb but have seen several bloggers who have shared photos/recipes of rhubarb crisp lately. I hope Odda's meds are helping and that the checkup will be just fine. I have been looking at the pictures on your sidebar. Renee is really growing. I hope you all have a nice weekend and that you get some warmer weather.

Sharon said...

I hope that Odda is doing well.
I wish I had some rhubarb I love to strawberry/rhubarb jelly. I have been trying to find someone who has some around here.
We lost several young trees from the winter and my young maple has been set back due to a late hard freeze. We need some sunshine to make the leaves popped out more.
I hope that you have a great weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

No Lilacs up there..that is not right. Your flowering crab looks good..very pretty. I hope it warms up some soon..I am tired of the cold:)

Anonymous said...

Hoping you have a wonderful time with your company and celebrating your granddaughter's graduation.
Happy Memorial Weekend to you also!
Phyl P.

Lynda said...

My dad used to love rhubarb pie. It does sound like you are quite busy but we are thankful you took time for us!