Friday, February 12, 2010

Granddaughter Renee

She's now 7 months old.  A real sweetheart!  She has grown since Christmas, and I'm glad I got to babysit a couple of days so I could have her all to myself!   Next week Jessica has a week  off - no school.  

So big!

Won't be long and she'll be crawling!
After bath time!  She loves her bath.
Just look at those BiG Blue Eyes!
The chicken high chair I sent down last month, made it here in good shape.  The foot rest has to be attached, and is sitting there on the seat.  Isn't this cute.  I have a youth chair at our house that has hens and chicks on it.  The lady that painted them lives just north of Minneapolis.  

Today Odda went to the vet to get her stitches out.  Steve had to take her!  The hair is growing back on the shaved area below the eye, and I bet by the time I get home, she'll be back to normal.  Steve said that the vet told him  "we almost lost her!"  Steve assumed he meant during the surgery, but no, the doc meant that he liked her so well, that he almost kept her!   (maybe a puppy sale prospect, huh?)  So tonight Odda will be back out in her kennel - I bet she is one happy dog!  Although she really was pretty good inside.  Her big tail gets her in trouble!  And that cone got in the way when she was in the house - that was even worse than her tail.

It's been raining since I got here.  Northern Louisiana has snow and highways are closed up north.  This evening we went to Jessica's last basketball game of the season.  I was here last year for the last basketball game of the season too.  The girls played very good, but did loose the game.  Stayed for most of the boys game, and that was a close game, with Catholic High winning.  They just need to win one more game to get into district tournements.  This was the last game for the girls team this year.  Renee loved all the kids making over her.  I think every girl on the BB team held her awhile.  I don't think she will be a shy little girl at all!  

More pictures another day. 


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

More pictures please! Oh how she's grown and like her picture getting so big! Such big beautiful eyes!

Far Side of Fifty said...

She has changed since Christmas! She is beautiful!!
I am glad Odda did well..:)