Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vietnamese New Year!

Sunday we went to Floyd's parents home.  It was the New Year Celebration for his step dad's family.
This picture is of GrandPa, and Renee was born on his birthday.  On July 2nd she will be one year old and he will be 100!  His family came from VietNam to the US with his family of 7 children and his wife.  He doesn't speak English, but Hoa has told us stories of how they were on little fishing boats and in camps.  I just can't imagine how that must have been to have left your homeland without anything but your family.  All of the 7 children have families and have done very well.  They were all here to celebrate their New Year and his birthday.  They don't celebrate birthdays on the birthdate, but on the new year, the adults hand out little red or gold envelopes with money  inside to all the children that are there.   Here is a picture of the envelopes that Renee got.  In the picture is also a little rice cake wrapped up in banana leaves.  The green is a cake too.  There is a middle layer that is yellow.  That was given to me. 

There was so much food to eat.  My northern stomach isn't used to many spicy things, and I thought I was being careful by eating only steak, 2 egg rolls  and some rice.  But my stomach has been upset since Sunday, so it may be from the one 1/2 shot of hard liquor that they were making sure everyone had to celebrate!  I'm not a drinker and told Floyds uncle that, so he barely put some in, but it was really strong stuff!  When you gulped it down, everyone shouted!  It was a fun cultural day!  Of course there was fire works - a long string that burned and was really loud.  We took Renee inside then.  One of the uncles had rented a big jumping thing to keep kids entertained.  Some adults even jumped in it!

There was squid, buffalo insides, crab, oysters, ham (seasoned differently), crab cakes, different kind of seasoned steaks, and shrimp. There was so much food!  Seaweed, a big pot of soup.  The bright orange plate there is a carrot dish.  I tried one bite of it, but it was already cold, so don't know if it was supposed to have been eaten hot or cold.  It looks like carrots, but not sure what it was.  I love the egg rolls, but they don't like me! 

GrandPa was having a good day.  He enjoyed having his family around him and all the kids there. Happy New Year to a special GrandPa.


Rae said...

Oh my. I can't believe how much food is on the table. GrandPa's family really knows how to celebrate and have a good time. It must have been interesting learning how another culture celebrates a holiday. That is a great photo with Renee and GrandPa - a century apart in age.

"B" said...

Many people fled from Viet Nam to Louisiana in the early 70's. I had the opportunity to learn a little of their culture when some friends of mine sponsored a family of 9 who came to work on their dairy. One of the children was a student in my first grade. It was an interesting challenge to teach him while he spoke no English. However, being the sharp little boy he was, he caught on quickly. The last I heard, he was an accountant for the Houston Rocketts.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Yes for food! -- Looks like a wonderful visiting eating time! -- And alcohol too!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Have a safe trip home Mom! Love ya!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photo of Grandpa..ninety nine.. but I suppose since they are celebrating this year in one day..it was for his 100th birthday! I kind of like that idea..do everyones birthday at one time and have a big birthday bash! Look at all that food...impressive:)

g said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Grandpa...What a wonderful celebration with all the families and the great food and fun. Geez, good time was enjoyed by all; I can almost taste that food, would have loved to have been there to meet the people and enjoy all the visiting.